The Adventures of Huck Finn

Corrected entry: When Huck and the bratty blonde girl are talking about England, the girl says that George IV is the king. George IV reigned from 1820-1830, but the story of Huckleberry Finn is thought to take place in the 1830's or 1840's, not as early as the 1820s. (01:08:30)


Correction: It's only a mistake if the movie is not set in the 1820s. The books setting could well be slightly different.

J I Cohen

Corrected entry: When The Duke sees the dead Mr. Wilks in the coffin the deceased's mouth is wide open. The Duke closes it without any effort, as if there were no such thing as rigor mortis. (01:07:20)


Correction: Rigor mortis usually lasts between one and three days, so depending on how long Mr. Wilkes had been dead, it might have already passed.


Continuity mistake: Just after Huck (Elijah Wood) hides in the piano, Mary Jane comes in to visit her dead brother in his coffin before they bury him. She sets down her candle and in the next shot a chair suddenly appears beside her to sit down.

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Huck Finn: You're the best friend I ever had, Jim.
Jim: You're the only friend I ever had.

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Trivia: The racist epithet "ni***r," used so prevalently in the book, was understandably left completely out of this family-friendly movie.

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