Police Academy 6: City Under Siege

Police Academy 6: City Under Siege (1989)

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Corrected entry: When Jone's goes into the comedy bar he uses a microphone to amplify his voice, but if the power to the city has been cut off, then how did the microphone work?

Correction: Throughout the series, Jones has always carried his own battery-operated microphone that's connected to a tiny amplifier on his belt, for use in times like this. The designs of these gizmos vary, but it is always the same basic set-up. Even if using the stage mic, they could easily have a generator so business can continue even when the power goes out.


Corrected entry: When Hightower approaches the window of the bad guy in the poisonous gas room, there is nothing in front of the window. He then smashes it, lifts up Sgt Lassard to get him through the window, and then you can see Hightower stepping onto something out of shot so that he can get to the window.


Correction: Both Hightower and Lassard step up on the chair that Hightower just used to smash the window. Even though the chair isn't in the shot, you can tell Hightower positions the chair against the wall.


Continuity mistake: When Harris is briefing the new group for the first time, Hightower loosens the leg of Harris' chair so that it breaks when Harris sits down. When Harris gets up from the middle of debris, the next shot shows an innocent looking Hightower and the chair is intact in front of him.

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Captain Harris: Proctor! You have been singing Christmas songs for the entire five hours of this stakeout. And Christmas is a good four months away. If you sing so much as one more note... I will shoot you.

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Question: What song was everyone whistling after Harris' car gets blown up?

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