Police Academy 6: City Under Siege

Continuity mistake: When Harris is briefing the new group for the first time, Hightower loosens the leg of Harris' chair so that it breaks when Harris sits down. When Harris gets up from the middle of debris, the next shot shows an innocent looking Hightower and the chair is intact in front of him.

Visible crew/equipment: When Jones is fighting the bad guy, at the end they both jump in the air doing Karate kicks and you can see the mattress when Jones lands.

Continuity mistake: When Commandant Lassard and Sgt. Fackler enter the bar, Lassard plays pool with one of the customers. Lassard pockets the 9-ball two times between the shots, even though it is the same ongoing game.

Revealing mistake: When Fackler is directing traffic due to the blackout, many moths start circling the lights he holding. Many of these moths are actually attached to strings.

Police Academy 6: City Under Siege mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Hightower emerges from the pile of rubble he has dust on his shoulders and arms, but when he walks up to the bad guy the uniform is as good as new.

Continuity mistake: Does the poisonous gas seem to clear out of the room where Sargent Lasard is trapped in too quickly or what? They were only outside for a couple of seconds and then when they enter the room its as clear as can be, as if nothing had happened.

Revealing mistake: During the chase with the bus with Harris and Procter on board, they take a detour by smashing through a fence so they don't hit a load of cars. Behind the cars, you can see the ramp to give the bus a bit of a lift through the fence.


Revealing mistake: When commandant Lassard and Spacler walk into the bar all the guys in there throw their weapons behind the counter, but if you look at the weapons they're all plastic props.

Other mistake: When the mastermind is first shown behind his screen, he inflicts spittle onto one of his gang members by saying "plan is preceding perfectly." However, the mastermind is talking from behind a screen, and thus it would be impossible to get them.

Continuity mistake: The picture of Cpt. Harris in the newspaper in the beginning is different than the picture that was taken. When his picture is taken, he's holding the tail so it forms a U-shape. In the newspaper, the tail is in a different position and his eyes are opened wider.


Continuity mistake: The gang shoots the mastermind's screen with a plastic dart, but a few moments later the dart has vanished.

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Suggested correction: Those little rubber darts don't stick to everything. Could have fallen off.


Continuity mistake: When Harris is hanging off the side of the window washing rig and grabs Proctor's hand, Proctor is straddling the railing and reaching over with one hand and the other hand is holding onto the railing. But as Harris grip starts to slip, there's a shot of Proctor where's he's not straddling the railing, he's leaning over it with both arms grabbing Harris. In the next shot he's back to straddling the railing.


Mayor: Hello, guys and gals! Oh, boy. I wish I had a picture of your stupid faces.
Captain Harris: Mr. Mayor.
Mayor: Hello, Harris, you stupid twit.

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Question: Why was Commissioner Hurst shocked to find out that Commandant Lassard would be helping with the crime wave? They had been friends for a long time, and Hurst knows that Lassard would never do such a thing, so it seems out of character for Hurst to think so.

Answer: Because they found jewelry from the last crime in his office. That's why he was shocked. They may be friends, but he knows he can't ignore evidence even for a friend.


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