Friday the 13th Part 2

Corrected entry: The bed is soaked with blood after Jason kills Sandra and Jeff, yet when Vicky comes into the room the white sheet on top is spotless.


Correction: This was already corrected once. Jason most likely took a clean sheet, lay on top of the blood, then put the clean sheet on him. He was simply tricking his next victim to come closer to strike. With Jason between the blood and the clean sheet, the blood wouldn't soak into the clean sheet.


Correction: There was, but it might have been too soon. We don't know how long since he killed Jeff and Sandra, so it might not have had time to soak through yet, not to mention that the sheet would have tented over Jason and probably didn't make contact with the blood. Point is, it's possible so the posted mistake isn't valid.


Correction: Both Jeff and Sandra were impaled on the bed. Jason couldn't have possibly laid over all of the blood obviously. And there was a lot! The sheets were completely soaked with blood and when you cover blood with another white sheet it will obviously soak through. When Vicky entered the room there was no blood in sight.


Corrected entry: When Ginny goes inside the shack she finds the shrine Jason made for his mom, with Terri's body on the floor. When did Jason find the time in between the killings to haul Terri's body all the way back to his shack and then go back to the camp?

Correction: Perhaps the shack wasn't all that far from where Jason killed Terri. He might have had time to take her there. Barring that, you should remember that Jason lived in those woods. He'd know every shortcut and could probably make it to the shack and return easily and quickly enough.


Corrected entry: Alice gets out of the shower and her hair is hardly even wet at all.


Correction: I've taken showers where all I've done is rinse off without getting my hair wet. Maybe that's all Alice wanted to do.


Correction: When you are washing your face under the shower head your hair is going to get wet.


Why? It's easy to keep most of your hair dry while still washing your face by simply leaning your head back.

Jukka Nurmi

Thank you. Another way is to keep your head and face away from the sprayer, cup your hands, let water pool in them and splash them on your face. Point is, there are ways to take showers without getting your hair wet. My hair is longer than Alice's was in this movie and I can do it, so why wouldn't Alice be able to?


Corrected entry: When Jason slits the guy's throat who is hanging upside down in a tree, look closely and you will see that Jason slits the guy's throat with the dull side of the machete blade. (00:48:25)

Correction: This is just straight up incorrect. He uses the blade as intended. The edge of this particular machete is on the side that curves inward, not the straight side, which can be seen in the close-up of the machete that happens about 3 seconds before the kill. It's also the same side of the blade that he buries in the face of the wheelchair guy a little while later.

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie, Jason kills Alice. How did he know where she lived?


Correction: If you listen to Paul telling the story, he mentioned that it was two months after the events of the first film when she disappeared. In her conversation with her mother, it's implied that Alice lived near Crystal Lake to put her life back together. Paul mentioned that Jason lived in the area, stealing to survive, so he probably saw her during his runs, then stalked her until he was ready to strike.

Corrected entry: The Sheriff leaves his car in the road to chase Jason through the woods. The police car disappears when Ginny and Paul come back that night. (00:38:05)

Correction: So Jason has moved the car. Just like he moved the bodies. How is this a mistake?


Corrected entry: When Jason slits the neck of the guy hanging upside down from the tree, there is no blood dripping off the guy when his girlfriend arrives. How is this possible? She stumbled upon his body only about a minute after he was killed. There would be plenty of blood pouring down. (00:49:05)

Correction: First of all it is longer than a minute. Second of all, the camera angle was too far away and it was too dark to determine whether there was blood or not.


Corrected entry: Whatever happened to Paul at the end? Well here's your answer, the reason why we never find out what happend to Paul is because the actor quit, before the movie finished shooting.

Correction: This is incorrect. I saw an interview with that actor and he verified the rumors were false. He didn't appear at the end because it was purposely left to assume he was killed. Thus is why the original script had the head of Mrs. Vorhees open her eyes and smiling.


Other mistake: Right at the part where Crazy Ralph is looking in on Paul and Ginny. Ralph hears a breaking of a stick behind him. You can see Jason put the barbed wire up and over the tree. How is that possible? He would have to whip it around the tree, not over it. (00:30:20)

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Vicky: What does the winner get?
Mark: What does the winner want?
Vicky: Guess.

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Trivia: The movie ends with a shot of Mrs. Voorhees old wrinkled head on Jason's shrine. Originally her head was supposed to open its eyes, and smile. Steve Miner comments on commentary how he decided to get rid of the idea, as he felt it would make the movie come across as more cheap and hokey than normal.

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