After Hours

After Hours (1985)


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Street Pickup: Why don't you just go home?
Paul Hackett: Pal, I've been asking myself that all night.

Paul Hackett: Is Marcy here?
Kiki: She had to go to the all-night drugstore.
Paul Hackett: Is she all right?
Kiki: It's under control.

Paul Hackett: I like that.
Kiki: Do you?
Paul Hackett: Yeah. Very much. It reminds me of that Edvard Munch painting. Was it the, eh, "The Shriek."
Kiki: "The Scream."
Paul Hackett: "The Scream," right.

Paul Hackett: You have a great body.
Kiki: Yes. Not a lot of scars.

Horst: That was rude of you, before, Paul. You really ought to be ashamed of yourself.
Paul Hackett: I don't know what could have come over me.
Horst: Lack of discipline.
Paul Hackett: Possibly.

Paul Hackett: Wow, I'm sorry. I guess I'm really puttin' you through the mill tonight, huh?
Marcy: It's okay, I'm used to it.

June: Why are you doing this?
Paul Hackett: What?
June: You flirt with me. You share your cigarette with me. You dance with me. You're nice to me. Why are doing this?
Paul Hackett: I want - to live.
Club Berlin Bartender: Okay, sorry folks, we're closin' up.
Paul Hackett: I just.
Club Berlin Bartender: Time to go home.
Paul Hackett: Want to live. Live.
June: Come downstairs with me, Paul. Come on.

Julie: Hey Paul, do you like my hairdo?
Paul Hackett: Yes... yes, I do.
Julie: Then why don't you touch it?

Trivia: Director Martin Scorsese has a cameo as the searchlight operator at Club Berlin.

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