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Continuity mistake: During the Howard Marks previsions, Anderton notices that the two images of the kid and the man show the kid on different sides. At first, he rotates his hand counter-clockwise (from his point-of-view) to see the image where the kid is on his right, and clockwise to the one where the kid is on the left. The camera cuts away, then cuts back; now the opposite is true (clockwise = kid is on the right, counter-clockwise = kid on left).

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Continuity mistake: In the scene when Anderton escapes out of the Maglev Car, we see him jump into a room full of gymnasts. He is on the floor with his legs up in the air, then we see him lower his legs. Yet, in the next shot his legs are back in the air again and we see his legs go down again. (00:43:10)

Continuity mistake: After John has had his eyes changed and the cops send the spiders into the rooms, there is a shot of John kneeling down. Behind him, the fridge is open, yet a few shots later he crawls past the kitchen and the fridge is then closed. (01:15:00 - 01:16:20)


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Anderton is in flashback to the day he lost his son at the pool, the same woman (of "ample build") walks past him in a pink-ish bikini at least twice.

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the film, when Anderton and the crew go up on the rising platform, you can see a guy approach the platform, and in the following shot he is approaching the platform again. (00:09:15)


Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the movie the date is stated as 2054. However, when Anderton has been identified on the metro and data appears on a clear screen, the date he went missing is listed as December 12, 2055. (00:45:10)

Factual error: When they are given the Federal Agent a tour of Pre Crime in the beginning, they say that the victim ball appears on the left and the perpetrator on the right. Yet later in the movie, when Leo Crowe's murder is revealed, Anderton picks up his own ball (the perpetrator's ball) from the slot on the left. If he had wanted to pick up the correct ball, he would have grabbed the one on the right.

Revealing mistake: When Anderton first sees himself killing Leo Crow in the precog vision, pay attention to the shot when he says "no". The reflection of Jad in the Hi Tech screen doesn't match with his movements.

Continuity mistake: During the film we see huge highways far above the ground and skyscrapers so tall they have major roads running down them -- all in Washington, DC. But at the end of the film we see a night-time panorama of Washington, and the only tall structure is the Washington Monument.

Character mistake: Near the end of the movie, John's wife calls one of his colleagues and says, "Jad, it's Laura, John needs a favour." Her character's name is Lara. (02:08:30)

Continuity mistake: When John and Agatha are in Leo Crow's room, John finds the single photo of Sean and as he looks at it we see the back of the photo and the outline of the boy's image. John then finds the multiple photo-strip of Sean with Leo and holds it in front of him, but as he says, "I am going to kill this man," John is actually holding the single photo - note the outline of only Sean's image on the back of the photo. Next shot he's holding the multiple photo-strip again. (01:42:45)

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Continuity mistake: During the lover-husband scene, when the lover and the wife are staring at the husband holding the knife, they keep changing positions from far away to close to each other depending on the shot.

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Visible crew/equipment: When John Anderton shoots Leo Crow, the camera mounted on a crane can be seen reflected on the building's glass in the outside shot just a second before the man defenestrates himself.

Plot hole: Burgess frames Anderton for Witwer's murder, using Anderton's gun in Anderton's house, but Anderton has an airtight alibi; at the same time as the murder, he was arriving at his ex-wife's home. His ex is even on the phone with Burgess, who asks if that's John arriving with Agatha.

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Suggested correction: This is all a matter of trust and knowledge. At this point the precogs aren't available so they don't know who killed Witwer, the word of Burgess is enough for the precrime team to believe it was Anderton, especially considering everything that was going on. All the precrime team wants is get Anderton and put the halo on him. There is no trial, no interrogation of witnesses. The team simply don't see Anderton can't have killed Witwer and they don't care as they no longer act as real cops anymore (only Witwer did). They might find out later, but Anderton's escape changed that possibility anyway. It's not a plot hole that things went as they went.


Continuity mistake: The front door of Howard Marks house has no windows on the sides and a rectangular transom window above when seen from outside. When seen from inside, however, there are side windows and the transom window is now an elongated half-circle. Also the house is magically huge inside, and not in a way that suggests a conversion of two houses into a single unit.

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Continuity mistake: At the start, when John Anderton is going to arrest the man who can't see well without his glasses, he his trying to figure out which house the killer is in. While looking around, his helmet is fastened tightly around his neck, however, as he is racing off to the house he pulls the helmet off in a way which couldn't have been accomplished with the strap still fastened.

Continuity mistake: When John Anderton is fighting off the agents in the car factory, he does a backflip, and then jumps for the approaching walkway, but if you look closely at the floor, the agents feet are visible, therefore signifying they arrived a little early, and stopped. (00:50:40)


Audio problem: When John Anderton's wife throws John's eyeball (stored in a clear plastic bag) onto Tim Blake Nelson's pipe organ, an ongoing organ note is heard, implying that the weight of the eyeball is depressing a key or two. We then see a shot of the eyeball resting on the organ's keys, none of which are depressed. (02:01:20)

Plot hole: Lamar makes his crime look like a glitch. But the pre-cogs must show these two as two separate murders. And they should give two sets of wooden balls.

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Suggested correction: A ball is created when the precogs identifies the killer and victim. However they get their visions randomly and seperately, Agatha being the most powerful one but they have to work together to identify a victim and killer. They put visions together and eventually balls with names will appear. The pre-crime team, led by Anderton, then pieces the visions together to find the location and then go after it, that's all they do, technicians are the ones that bring the visions together for processing by the pre-crime team. The visions they got were seen as "echos" and disregarded before the precogs were able to identify the killer. If they had it would put Burgess as the perpetrator. But since it looked exactly the same as the previous one they didn't allow the precogs go futher into the visions and not put them together. Agatha did have the vision of Burgess but Burgess removed those vision from the system.


But the previous "one" was not a murder so it should not justify a vision (it was only a staging). The real murder is committed by Burgess and it was premeditated, so a brown ball with Burgess' name should have popped out.

Even staged murders are put in visions, same with the one Burgess tried to set up Anderton with. If someone is killed, the precogs get visions, but they don't know the context (the biggest flaw with the system of course). The visions come before the balls and if the engineers think it is a echo they will discard those visions and prevent the precogs from identifying the victim and killer. If they had the time, indeed a brown ball would be formed. Remember that premeditated murders come much earlier to the precogs in vision than emotional ones, so that was the reason why those visions showed up so soon after the staged one, adding to the idea it was an echo, perfectly calculated by Burgess.


Visible crew/equipment: After the scene in the car factory when Anderton drives up to Hineman's place, he parks his car and opens the door. When he opens the door, you can very easily see a cameraman bent down reflected in the car door. (00:53:10)


Officer Fletcher: John, don't run.
John Anderton: You don't have to chase me.
Officer Fletcher: You don't have to run.
John Anderton: Everybody runs, Fletch.

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Trivia: The flames in the fire at the end of the film when the camera pans out of the cottage are in the shape of AI, Speilberg's previous film!

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Question: OK, let's see: Lamar Burgess set Anderton up; he Hired Leo Crow and sent him to be killed in a hotel. But How did exactly Burgess plan the meeting of Anderton with Crow? Anderton arrived at the crime scene by a chain of events that began with the pre-vision of his destiny. It was clear that Lamar did not fake the pre-vision, because this became true just like it was predicted; besides, when Anderton was being chased, he arrived to crime scene by a coincidence; so what did Burguess have to do to make sure the existence of the pre-vision and this possible future? I don't see a simple solution.

Answer: Well, there isn't really a simple solution, but here goes. For a pre-vision to form, there have be two things present within the range of the precog ability (which appears to be limited to the Washington area - regardless of the stated plan to take the programme countrywide, there's never any indication that the precogs can sense beyond that range). Firstly, someone with the intent to kill. Secondly, there has to be a target for that intent within the range of the precogs. Anderton is present, and has the intent within him to kill the man who took his son, but has no target - the real kidnapper is presumably either dead or beyond the precog ability. Burgess, by bribing Crow to pretend to be that man, has provided a viable target for Anderton's intent within the range of the precog ability, thus triggering the prevision, and beginning the chain of events.

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The above answers the question, but there do appear to be some time travel issues with this plot point in the movie. Burgess set things up for Crow to fake being the kidnapper and thus triggering Jon's desire to kill that person, everything starts by the pre-cogs seeing the future. If the pre-cogs did not exist or did not have the vision, Jon would have never known that Leo Crow existed and would have continued on without having killed anyone. This is unique within the movie, as the other murders would have been commited regardless of whether or not the pre-cogs saw it. In this case, the ONLY reason this murder occurred is because the pre-cogs saw it.


Thinking about this a little more, it could be conceivable that Burgess had planned a different option for Jon finding Crow. We just never saw that on screen, because the precogs changed everything to an alternative future timeline once they saw the original murder. Originally, Jon could have been triggered by Burgess himself, stating that they got a lead on his son's murder and pointing him to Crow.


No I think Burgess set it up so that Anderton would find Crow because of the precogs, not have a different plan set up before or else it could be possible Burgess himself would be visible in the prevision. He manipulated the system perfectly, he has done it before after all. He knows exactly how the precogs work so he is able to set it up so that it's untraceable. Except, except for the fact there is always a choice. Only then did it go wrong for him. This proves both true for Anderton and Burgess in the end.


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