My Blue Heaven

My Blue Heaven (1990)

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Corrected entry: We see Vinnie in a supermarket using a price gun on a package of meats to mark them down. However, the price stickers have no effect on the barcode on the underside of the meat when scanned. So the only way the price would've been marked down when scanning through a register is if the cashier manually did them all herself, not because he changed the price tag.

Correction: We have meat marked down frequently. The bar codes here are labelled on top of the meat. When the meat is marked down, the mark down price does not have a bar code, however, the price is marked down in the computer. Therefore, the scanner will pick up the bar code, the same as normal, but the marked down price will be displayed by the computer. The scanner only reads the code, it doesn't change prices. That's done by the computer. The reduced price sticker is essentially only there to let customers know the price has been reduced.

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