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Van Wilder (2002)

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VAN WILDER, is a legend around his campus, notorious for being a wild party man his "semester" begins by holding interviews for a personal assistant he ends up hiring a doofy indian kid that has the sole mission of "learning the great american art of muff diving" he soon realizes that his father is no longer going to pay his tuition and that he not only won't be able to go to school but will no longer have a personal assistant, he starts to scheme possible ways to get extensions and pay for his tuition by himself, his schemes don't pay up and he soon sees that he's in trouble until a geek needs a favor. He needs to throw a 50th anniversary party for his fraternity and he wants people to actually attend Van finds his partying pays off afterall he throws a bash that even gets the geeks girls soon gwen a inquisitive school reporter starts writing about wilder the party liaison he gets slammed with party planning for everyone and finds that this is the only way to pay for tuition the easiest way. At the same time he starts to fall for Gwen who is going out with a spoiled frat boy that has a problem with premature ejaculation, the evil frat boy then finds that Van has become a cancerous lump that needs to be excised Van and The Frat boy have a few run ins ultimately costing Van his expulsion from Coolidge College. Van soon realizes that being a friend to people in needs pays of when the entire school unites and tries to find a way to keep Van in school they succeed despite the efforts of the Evil frat boy who turns out to also be the president of the student council and is now desperate to get rid of him.

Van stays but under one condition that he must pass his classes graduate and get the hell out of Coolidge, he struggles and tries really hard to study and pass all his classes especially since Gwen wants him to succeed he takes the first 5 test in the easies manner but has to really concentrate for the Advanced Economics with professor McDougal he succeeds and graduates Coolidge at last at the same time he also gets the girl and reunites with his dad.

Continuity mistake: In the last scene, at Van Wilder's party, Gwen is talking to Van Wilder and her bathing suit strap is on her left shoulder. When the shot changes, it has disappeared from her shoulder and is on her back. She wouldn't have moved it as her hands don't move in the scene.

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Van Wilder: I know Ms Pacman is special. She's cute...she's fun...she swallows.

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Trivia: It's said that Van has been in college for 7 years. This is a nod to a line from John Belushi in "Animal House," when he says, "Seven years of my life for nothing."

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