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Corrected entry: Richard says that he goes to sleep at 11 before his exams, and he says he has almost three hours before then, but look out the window, it is still broad daylight. This is his first exam of the semester so it should be January or February and would not be light outside after 8 PM until April.

Sol Parker

Correction: They are in the spring semester so exams would be the first week of May. Remember, Gwen is told that her story will be run in the upcoming graduation edition of the newspaper.

Corrected entry: When Tara Reid sends her article to Van's dad, you see that it is addressed to 'Mr. Vance Wilder, Sr.' If you go to the DVD bonus features, and look at Van's college application, you'll see that under the part that says 'Father's Name' it does not say Vance Wilder, Sr., but a different first name.

Correction: The DVD bonus features is not considered part of the movie. So in this case the bonus feature is mistaken.

Corrected entry: While discussing if they should let Van graduate, the council names the six classes he needs for graduation. They are far too vague to be classes and some are actually majors.

Correction: This is done by many colleges when students do not know what they want to graduate with. It's called an open course.

Corrected entry: When Van's cart comes face to face with the teacher's car in the road, and the shots go back and forth from car to cart, in one closeup of the cart, you can see the tip of a microphone at the top of the screen, just to the left of the middle. (00:45:30)

Sol Parker

Correction: It's not a microphone, simply one of the two 8 balls he has hanging from the cart.

Corrected entry: When Van goes before the teachers who decide his fate, he says that he will audit his last twelve credits. Auditing credits mean they don't count towards graduation. Every college student, professor, and administrator knows this.

Correction: When Van says that he is auditing his last twelve units, it does not necessarily mean that he needs those last twelve units to graduate. He may have already accumulated enough elective credits and didn't need the twelve units he originally registered for.

Continuity mistake: At the beginning, the Asian woman appears to be performing oral sex and from the shot behind her her hands are grabbing Van's pant legs, but when they reveal what she is really doing suddenly she has a measuring tape in her hands.

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Gwen: Well, I think it takes a lot more than the kind of underwear one wears to define them as a person.
Van Wilder: Like what?!

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Trivia: It's said that Van has been in college for 7 years. This is a nod to a line from John Belushi in "Animal House," when he says, "Seven years of my life for nothing."

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