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Continuity mistake: During the scene when Van and his friends are riding in Van's golf cart, just after Van has sex with the secretary, the guy in the back is seen being licked on the face by the bulldog. When the camera cuts to Van he's not being licked. When the camera cuts to Van's assistant he's being licked again. This happens over and over. (00:15:53)

Continuity mistake: In the last scene, at Van Wilder's party, Gwen is talking to Van Wilder and her bathing suit strap is on her left shoulder. When the shot changes, it has disappeared from her shoulder and is on her back. She wouldn't have moved it as her hands don't move in the scene.

Continuity mistake: At the beginning, the Asian woman appears to be performing oral sex and from the shot behind her her hands are grabbing Van's pant legs, but when they reveal what she is really doing suddenly she has a measuring tape in her hands.

Factual error: After Van unplugs the power from the phone, it rings one more time, remember, it's a cordless phone. (01:10:05)

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Audio problem: In the scene where Van goes to Gwen's house and meets her parents, Richard introduces Van to the doctors in the room. When he introduces Dr. Beaverman, the shot changes and Richard says "OB/GYN" and his mouth doesn't move. (00:42:40)


Factual error: At the beginning of the movie Van tells the viewers that it is the beginning of spring semester at Coolidge College and it is obvious that the college is somewhere up north near Massachusetts because in the scene where Van is giving the basketball team a pep talk one of the players asks Van if he invited the girls from Mount Holyoke (which is in Massachusetts)to their party. Yet throughout the entire movie everyone is dressed in shorts and tank tops like its summertime outside when in reality January up north near Massachusetts is FREEZING...

Factual error: In the scene where Van is in the court type room deciding if he can't stay, he drops outside the window and some photographers take pictures. They all use flash, which is ridiculous because the flash would have reflected off the glass and into the picture.

Deliberate mistake: During the scene where Richard is playing croquet on the lawn in front of the Delta Iota Kappa house, the letters of the fraternity are visible on the front of the house. The Greek letter for "Delta" should be a triangle yet it is the letter "D" in the shot. This is presumably to follow the "DIK" joke that would not be as obvious if written in correct Greek letters.

Factual error: When Gwen calls Van, he simply unplugs the phone and we hear the dial tone. The phone would continue to ring on Gwen's end, not disconnect.


Character mistake: When Taj is getting ready to give Naomi a massage, she tells him she likes the song on the stereo. Taj replies "It is the White Barry" (meaning Barry White). It's actually a song called "Stumblin' In" performed by Suzie Quatro and Chris Norman.

Revealing mistake: After Milty jumps off the diving platform, an obvious stunt double, considerably thinner than Milty, completes the dive.

Van Wilder: I know Ms Pacman is special. She's cute...she's fun...she swallows.

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Trivia: The titular character of the movie is based on comedian Bert Kreischer, specifically a Rolling Stone article written about him when he was in his sixth year at FSU and told the story of "the top party guy at the top party school." The writeup eventually become a movie concept that Oliver Stone acquired the rights to, but the deal fell through and the writers sold it to National Lampoon. Kreischer himself was not involved in the movie, however.

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