My Girl 2

My Girl 2 (1994)


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Alfred Beidermeyer: Ucla. My Cardigan-Sweater period.

Alfred Beidermeyer: Don't be a poet, be a TV repairman.

Vada: Shelly's already told me all about about sex.
Harry Sultenfuss: She told me too. I mean, she told me she told you about sex. I - I personally knew about sex long before I met Shelly.
Vada: I figured you did.

Vada: If I get married, I'll never change my name.
Nick: Why? You think the guy should change his name?
Vada: I don't think anybody should change their names, that way you can't find them when you need them.
Nick: What if you don't want to be found?
Vada: Why do you argue with everything I say?

Nick: Who are you? Hitler's hall monitor?

Kevin: Vada, if bullshit wore a bra, you'd be top heavy.

Hary Sultenfuss: Hey, you're not eating your meatloaf.
Shelly DeVoto Sultenfuss: If I eat it I'll throw up.
Hary Sultenfuss: Well you should at least try a little bit.
Shelly DeVoto Sultenfuss: Then I'll throw up a little bit.

Audio problem: At the end of the movie when Vada is singing to her new baby brother, we see a shot from over her shoulder. The movements of her mouth don't match the words she is singing.


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