My Girl 2

My Girl 2 (1994)

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Audio problem: At the end of the movie when Vada is singing to her new baby brother, we see a shot from over her shoulder. The movements of her mouth don't match the words she is singing.


Continuity mistake: When Vada and Nick are talking to Tanaka the first time, the items on his desk move between shots. Pay close attention to the pad and pen in front of Vada.


Audio problem: When Vada and Nick are talking to Stanley Rosenfeld at the wedding, you can hear the song "All My Lovin'" in the background. But when we see shots of the band in the background, they aren't singing or playing in sync with the words of the song.


Revealing mistake: After Vada runs out of Hilary's shop, she and Nick are walking down a crowded street. If you look around them you can see the same extras walking back and forth.


Continuity mistake: In the last scene, where Vada is holding the baby singing for her: in the overshoulder shot, Vada has her right hand behind the baby's head and is fondling it. In the next shot (profile), she is not fondling and her hand is on the level with the baby's belly.

Revealing mistake: When Vada and Harry are bowling, Vada's pins fall down before her ball hits them.

Continuity mistake: When Vada is leaving for Los Angeles, she is walking towards a plane with a thick blue stripe on it. When we see a shot of the plane in the air, it has a thick red stripe on it.


Other mistake: Vada is gone for 5 days and is told the baby isn't due for 6 more weeks. When Vada returns home the baby is born but is quite big for being 6 weeks premature.


Nick: Who are you? Hitler's hall monitor?

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