Can't Hardly Wait

Corrected entry: At the end, the caption informs us about the couple, "they are still together". Yet the movie was released in 1998 and was set in the present day, meaning the caption has no significance behind the two of them "still" being together since there is no implied passage of time since the movie's ending.

Correction: Since the other captions refer to what the other characters did during and after College, we are meant to understand that a significant amount of time has passed since the events that are depicted.

Corrected entry: When Special K is getting teased by the girl as she is calling him "Chester Cheetah", the foreign guy is at first standing there growling at him. Kenny then turns and walks away, and you can hear the foreign guy teasing him but he is nowhere to be found within the shot.

Correction: Actually, as he walks away, the camera pans left slightly and you can see the foreign guy in profile (white t-shirt, blond hair)standing near the girls.

Corrected entry: Denise must be very special considering she has no extracurricular activities and she is not wealthy yet she is going to NYU which only has a 32% acceptance rate.

Correction: Well, she does tell kenny that she was in "all the smart classes", she may have gotten a scholarship.

Corrected entry: When the girl comes in and Seth green is 'pleasuring' himself, she tries to open the door. The door handle is a long handle. When the other girl that is running the party comes in and finds them half naked she picks up the door handle except this time it is short and round.

Correction: The object the girl picks up off the shelf isn't the door handle, it's a sexual toy. That's why she looks so disgusted.

Corrected entry: The Scene when the angle hangs up on preston, she puts in a quarter, but never dials, and never tells the cab where to pick her up, yet the cab shows up...sounds like ESP to me...

Correction: She dials right after she closes the door, and the scene shows Preston walking away. She also says to the taxi service: "I'm at Johnnie's on the Boulevard. I'm an angel." So the cab driver does know where to pick her up.

Corrected entry: In the opening party scene, Melissa Joan Hart is asking people to sign her yearbook and cheering "Go Huntington!" after they either ignore her or actually sign it. But, when she asks Special K to sign it, they push her out of the way as she is yelling "Go Hancock!".

Correction: First she says "go Huntington" then she says, "Go Hedgehogs", the name of the school's sports teams.

Corrected entry: When Preston is reminiscing about when he first saw Amanda, when the teacher is showing Amanda to her seat, you can hear Preston is talking but his lips aren't moving.

Correction: Preston's lips aren't moving because this is a flashback, and he is heard in a voice-over.

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