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Friend Bear: As long as Kim and Jason still care, his spell is not complete.
Bright Heart Raccoon: Maybe we can still save him.
Tender Heart Bear: We can still save him.
Gentle Heart Lamb: But how?
Tender Heart Bear: Just feel it.

Tender Heart Bear: Nicholas, what have you done?
Nicholas: Only what they did to me. They deserved it.
Tender Heart Bear: No, Nicholas. Please, listen.
The Spirit: Quick, Nicholas.
Nicholas: "Nyx... byx... styx!"
The Spirit: This is only the beginning.
Tender Heart Bear: This is a job for all the Care Bears.

Friend Bear: Look! I'm hydroplaning.

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where the evil spell takes over the tree in the Forest of Feelings, Tenderheart Lion has his symbol on his belly in the shot as Swift Heart rabbit is coming to the rescue. They don't get their symbols until the end of the movie. (00:41:05)

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Trivia: The only Care Bear and Care Bear Cousin that do not make an appearance in this movie are True Heart Bear and Noble Heart Horse.

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