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Brave Heart Lion: A world without caring? This doesn't look like the Earth you talked about.
Tender Heart Bear: We've got stop it before it gets worse.
Gentle Heart Lamb: I don't think this place could get any worse.

Wish Bear: I've sighted parents for you at the orphanage! They want to adopt you both.
Cheer Bear: Congratulations, Kim and Jason.
Tender Heart Bear: Come on, Grumpy! Let's warm up the rainbow rescue beam! Kim and Jason have to get back in a hurry.
Kim: You hear that, Jason? Parents.
Jason: Yeah. I thought we'd never have parents.
Kim: Yeah.
Jason: But... Kim.
Kim: I know, Jason. Our friends. They're in trouble.

Kim: Wow. This doesn't look like the Earth I remember.
Jason: Maybe we're still in Care-A-Lot.
Friend Bear: If this is Care-a-lot, then someone's been doing a little gardening since we left.

Grumpy Bear: Well, whaddya know? The Rainbow Rescue Beam worked.
Goodluck Bear: See? We just needed a little luck.
Grumpy Bear: Looks like we're going to need more than that.

Mr. Fetucini: Nicholas, I just had the most wonderful dream! I dreamed I changed my poster! So that's just what I'm going to do! Now, it'll read "Fetucini and Nicholas"! So, what do you say? A partnership.
Nicholas: Par... par... par.
Mr. Fetucini: Oh, all right. "Nicholas and Fetucini."

Mr. Cherrywood: Thanks to the Care Bears, Kim and Jason remembered how good it was to have friends who cared. They're troubles were over, but as for Nicholas, his troubles were just beginning.

Tender Heart Bear: We care about everyone, even when they don't care about us.
Friend Bear: And right now, the one we care about most is you, Nicholas. You.

Swift Heart Rabbit: That's the most unfriendly tree I've ever seen.

Friend Bear: Secret Bear says not to worry. No one can keep a secret like Secret Bear.

Jason: Nicholas! We care about you! We used to be like you. We thought nobody cared.
Kim: But we were wrong. Now we want to be your friends, Nicholas, and make sure you're never alone again. Believe us, Nicholas! Believe us.
Nicholas: I... I believe you.
The Spirit: No! You can't! Don't do it! Stop! You don't care! They don't care.

Tender Heart Bear: Jason, do you still have the key that I gave you?
Jason: Sure do.
Tender Heart Bear: Good. Now promise me that you and Kim will stay as far away from Nicholas and the spirit as you can.
Jason: But I want to help.
Tender Heart Bear: You can help best by guarding that key.
Jason: But.
Tender Heart Bear: If we lose that key, Jason, we can never win.
Jason: I understand, Tender Heart. You can count on me.

Mr. Cherrywood: The Care Bears have a very special mission, and that mission is to help everyone share their feelings with others.

Friend Bear: As long as Kim and Jason still care, his spell is not complete.
Bright Heart Raccoon: Maybe we can still save him.
Tender Heart Bear: We can still save him.
Gentle Heart Lamb: But how?
Tender Heart Bear: Just feel it.

Tender Heart Bear: Nicholas, what have you done?
Nicholas: Only what they did to me. They deserved it.
Tender Heart Bear: No, Nicholas. Please, listen.
The Spirit: Quick, Nicholas.
Nicholas: "Nyx... byx... styx!"
The Spirit: This is only the beginning.
Tender Heart Bear: This is a job for all the Care Bears.

Nicholas: Where are they? Where are you hiding the boy and girl?
Tender Heart Bear: You don't know what you're doing, Nicholas! Listen to your heart, and you'll find the truth.
Nicholas: Where ARE they?
Tender Heart Bear: Care Bears, stare.

Playful Heart Monkey: What happened to all your fur?
Kim: We never had any fur.
Brave Heart Lion: That's impossible! Every monkey has fur.
Playful Heart Monkey: And who said they were monkeys?
Brave Heart Lion: Well... they were up in a tree.
Playful Heart Monkey: I know. They're lions with haircuts.

Goodluck Bear: Any luck fixing the Rainbow Rescue Beam?
Grumpy Bear: I think I've used up all my good luck getting this far.
Goodluck Bear: Maybe your luck's run out, but not mine.

Grumpy Bear: This little star got itself stuck in the gears.
Share Bear: Now, that's what I call star-stuck, Grumpy Bear.

Tender Heart Bear: Our friends at the Forest of Feelings have proven to everyone that there's always a way to show that you care. And so, the purpose of this festive occasion is to let all bear witness to the inaguration of our friends into the Care Bear Family.

Brave Heart Lion: You're welcome to stay in the Forest of Feelings as long as you like.
Friend Bear: Thank you, Brave Heart, but the sooner we leave, the better. If we don't hurry, Care-A-Lot may not be there when we get back.
Kim: We have to find a way back to Earth.
Jason: To help stop the evil spirit from taking the feelings away from everybody.
Brave Heart Lion: Come on, everybody.
Kim: Where?
Brave Heart Lion: If there is a way out of the Forest of Feelings, we'll help you find it.

Continuity mistake: When the Care Bears boat begins to be pulled into the whirlpool, made by the evil spirit fish, one of the bears grabs a rope and sends a special star into the sky to help them, attached to the rope. The bear then picks the end of the rope up, and begins to tie it to the mast. In the next shot you can see the end of the rope still laying on the floor again, unattatched to the mast, the in the next shot it's back on the mast again.

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Trivia: The only Care Bear and Care Bear Cousin that do not make an appearance in this movie are True Heart Bear and Noble Heart Horse.

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