The Cannonball Run

Corrected entry: As the contestants are starting the race, Mr. Foyt and Pamela are in a car nearby. Foyt is calling out their license plate numbers for Pamela to write down. He calls out "Whiskey, Zebra, Alpha, Niner, Fiver, Zero." However, only the number 9 should be stated with an "R" at the end so that it can be distinguished from the number 5.

Paul Pepiton

Correction: The phonetic alphabet is not set in stone. If he wishes to say FIVER, he may. He uses ZEBRA which is not part of the official military phonetic alphabet. It doesn't mean it is wrong.


Corrected entry: Why do the display screens for the computer in the Japanese team's car display their messages in English? Throughout the entire movie, the Japanese drivers cannot speak English!

Correction: I can read Russian, but can't speak it. Much of the time it is easier to read a language than speak it.

Corrected entry: At one point a pickup truck jumps a freight train. While the pickup is in the air, you can see a crew member standing by the train.

Correction: The person we see is not a crew member. It is one of the several construction workers we see as the truck is jumping.

Mister Ed

Corrected entry: Why did the Lamborghini Ladies win the race? They left the starting location a couple of minutes before De Luise and Reynolds did. If either one of them punched the race card just after the ladies did, they still would have won the race.

Correction: Just before the end of the movie, everybody is held up at some construction work where they get into a fight with a bunch of bikers. Since this roadwork gathers the whole field of contestants, it seems more fair to reset the time cards then. Someone says something like "It's gonna be a sprint finish" (not exact wording) just as they have finished beating the bikers about.

Continuity mistake: The two Lamborghini women get stopped by police. The one in the red suit is on the right, with her front zipper up. In the next shot the other race contestants zoom on by, and the two women are shown from behind. In the next front shot, her zipper is down. The next shot from behind, show more race contestants zooming by. The next front shot, her zipper is up again, then she pulls it down to pull out her driver's license for the officer.

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Batman: Mad Dog, you are going to take the shortcut to the interstate, right?
Mad Dog: We're in this to win, ain't we? If you're gonna be a bear, be a grizzly!

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Trivia: When Dom gets back in the airplane after getting beer, Burt is discussing cars with him to use in the race. He says they could use a black Trans-Am. Then he says that it's been done before. It has. Remember that movie called Smokey and the Bandit?

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