Dog Soldiers

Factual error: When the house explodes, the only survivors were Private Cooper and the dog, who were hiding in the cellar. With an explosion big enough to destroy the house, the cellar would have been destroyed too, if not from the fireball then definitely from the shockwave.


Factual error: Quite a few of the squad actually hold their weapons in either hand, in other words sometimes they have them left handed (Cooper actually has it left handed throughout). This is seen when they are together, so it is not through flipping of the negative. Apart from the fact that it is highly unlikely they would be skilled enough to be this ambidextrous, the SA80 is almost impossible to safely use this way. The ejecting cartridges would be fired out far to close to the face to be safe - if you look at the weapon in some shots you can see the port through which they are ejected - it is covered with a flap behind the cocking handle on the right hand side of the rifle).



Factual error: The British infantry has sections of eight men (1 corporal, 1 lance-corporal, 6 privates), not squads of six men (1 sergeant, 1 corporal, 4 privates).

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As the camera follows Cooper's grenade on the floor, we can briefly see the shadow of some equipment move along the floor.



In the scene where Wells asks Cooper to knock him out, Kevin McKidd throws a stage punch the first time, but misjudges the distance of the second and catches Sean Pertwee on the nose. Pertwee didn't feel the punch however as he really was drunk for that scene. This is all talked through on the DVD.