Dog Soldiers

Other mistake: The werewolves have cut the power to the house, but in half the scenes there is an electrical light source. How is this possible?

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Other mistake: Near the end of the film when the remaining squaddies are attempting to blow up the barn, Spoony ruptures the tank causing petrol to spill out from underneath the car, then the Sarge lights the trail leading to car. However when Cooper is driving the car into the barn you can see in various shots of the car being driven across the grass towards the barn that there is no petrol spilling from underneath the vehicle, so the trail would have large gaps and the car wouldn't have been able to explode.

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Jack Vaughan

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As the camera follows Cooper's grenade on the floor, we can briefly see the shadow of some equipment move along the floor.



In the scene where Wells asks Cooper to knock him out, Kevin McKidd throws a stage punch the first time, but misjudges the distance of the second and catches Sean Pertwee on the nose. Pertwee didn't feel the punch however as he really was drunk for that scene. This is all talked through on the DVD.