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Corrected entry: After the team shows up at the Ryan's trashed military post, Cooper mentions that none of the now-dead soldiers managed to get a shot off against the werewolves. However, Ryan immediately mentions that "they won't die." How could he know that if nobody even got a shot off against them?

Correction: Quite possibly because he knows the basic elements of the werewolf myth, and suspects that none of the soldiers is equipped with silver bullets (which would be a bit out of the ordinary).


Corrected entry: In the barn scene where the soldier just saw his buddy get his throat ripped out by one of the werewolves, he freaks out and backs the jeep through the barn wall. You can see him looking over his shoulder to see were he's going, the next shot has him backed up at the front door of the house waiting for the rest of his buddies to get in the car from the house. Suddenly there's a werewolf in the backseat of the jeep and he gets killed by it - now how does the soldier not see a seven foot tall werewolf in the back seat when he's first backing out of the barn, and if the werewolf wasn't supposed to be in the scene where the soldier is backing out of the barn how does it sneak in the back seat of the jeep without the soldier noticing while he's waiting for his buddies at the front door?

Correction: When Joe is looking over his shoulder, he's doing so because he heard something behind the car. You can see a werewolf shadow reaching for the back door. Joe doesn't realize this because almost immedietly after glancing behind him, a wolf attacks the driver side door. He neither sees now hears the one behind the jeep get in the jeep since he's a bit busy with the other one, and only notices when the jeep's back at the house.

Corrected entry: When Wells turns the burner knob on the gas stove in the cellar to ignite the gas, there should not be a spark. The stove has electronic ignition and the werewolves had cut the power to the cabin long ago. No electricity, no spark.

Correction: Some stoves use a battery rather than the mains supply to provide the ignition spark.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Cooper is run down by Special Ops Ryan puts a gun to Cooper's head. When the gun is cocked to the side it can be seen that there is no clip present in the weapon.

Correction: There may still have been a bullet in the gun. The clip pushes the bullet into the chamber. When the clip is removed, the bullet stays in the chamber.

Corrected entry: When the woman reveals herself as a werewolf and is shot by the sarge, carefully watch the sequence of events, we see the sarge holding a pistol in his hand and looking at it next we see him begin to move then we see the shot being fired from what is definetly the barrel of an mp5 and NOT a pistol (the large round sight above the barrel is a dead givaway) then we see her fall to the ground and cut back to the sarge who says something about putting her out of her misery and he is holding a pistol again.

Correction: Whereas it is definitely a different gun that is seen between the split-second shots, the Sarge *did* fire the shot with his left hand, while holding the pistol in his right, so not neccessarily a mistake

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Corrected entry: Megan answers the Coops question by saying that the nearest population center is Fort William, and that it is four hours drive away. There is nowhere in Scotland that is four hours from Fort William that isn't closer to somewhere else, usually bigger.

Correction: Megan didn't want the soldiers leaving, as the werewolves needed to feed, so she lied.

Corrected entry: Near the end of the film when the werewolves finally get in the house, Cooper runs into a bathroom and locks the door. Look at the small window to his right and you can see daylight streaming in, even though it's supposed to be night.

Jack Vaughan

Correction: It's moonlight. You can see it coming through the windows in several scenes.

Corrected entry: Why is it that the woman doesn't transform into a werewolf until near the end of the movie, when she should have been a werewolf at the same time as all of the others.

Correction: Remember, Megan was an "experienced" werewolf. The two men we saw changing uncontrollably were recently "turned." As for the others outside, we don't know if they had to change, or if they were taking their "hunting" forms. Maybe "veteran" werewolves could control their change. So a plausible explanation would be, Megan was keeping human form to make sure this group of unusually competent and armed humans didn't do too much damage to her family, before they were able to get the upper hand.

Well if that was the case why did she shoot one of them, also she said she was part of Ryans team to look for them so she is not a werewolf that long.

Continuity mistake: In the beginning with the campers as the guy says "You were right, this is definitely better than being," the girl is holding her cup with both hands around it. When it cuts, she is holding the handle of the cup. (00:00:35)


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Cooper: Sweeping patrols between each of these bunkers - they'll have the whole sector wrapped tighter than an Eskimo's nad-sac.

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Trivia: After Sarge and Cooper break through the floor into the kitchen, Sarge retrieves his watch from the dismembered corpse of Witherspoon ("Spoon"). Cooper asks where Spoon is and the Sarge replies "There is no Spoon". A clear reference to the famous line from the original "Matrix". (01:32:30)


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