Dog Soldiers

Dog Soldiers (2002)

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The group of soldiers is actually bait for the werewolves. The Werewolves attack the special ops unit and kill everyone but Ryan, who is slashed across the chest. Bruce (Thomas Lockyer)runs into a tree and is impaled. Terry (Leslie Simpson) gets pulled out of a window and has his head ripped off. Joe (Chris Robson) is killed in the truck by a werewolf hiding there. Megan (Emma Cleasby) is actually part of the werewolves' family. She is shot in the head byone of the soldiers after she reveals that she unlocked the door. Wells (Sean Pertwee) and Cooper (Kevin McKidd) run upstairs and are trapped in different rooms. Spoon dies after fighting off a werewolf for several minutes. Cooper gets to the cellar, and Wells almost transforms into a werewolf. Wells blows up the house using the gas line to the stove. Cooperfights Ryan(Liam Cunningham), who is now a werewolf. He stabs Ryan with the camper's silver letter opener, and shoots him in the head to kill him. During the credits, a Newspaper isshown with the headline England 5 Germany 1, with a little subwindow with a picture ofCooper and the headline "Werewolves Ate My Platoon".

Marc H

Visible crew/equipment: As the camera follows Cooper's grenade on the floor, we can briefly see the shadow of some equipment move along the floor. (01:26:45)

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Cooper: Sweeping patrols between each of these bunkers - they'll have the whole sector wrapped tighter than an Eskimo's nad-sac.

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Trivia: After Sarge and Cooper break through the floor into the kitchen, Sarge retrieves his watch from the dismembered corpse of Witherspoon ("Spoon"). Cooper asks where Spoon is and the Sarge replies "There is no Spoon". A clear reference to the famous line from the original "Matrix". (01:32:30)

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