Send Me No Flowers

Send Me No Flowers (1964)


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George Kimball: When a man's wife thinks he's having an affair, how can he convince her he's not?
Arnold Nash: He can't.
George Kimball: But I'm not having one.
Arnold Nash: Doesn't make any difference.
George Kimball: Isn't a man innocent until proven guilty?
Arnold Nash: Look, you're dealing with your wife. You can forget the Constitution.

George Kimball: You mean there's nothing I can do?
Arnold Nash: There is one thing.
George Kimball: What?
Arnold Nash: Confess, and ask her to forgive you.
George Kimball: Forgive me? For what?
Arnold Nash: For having an affair.
George Kimball: When I'm not having one?
Arnold Nash: That's right.
George Kimball: Look, I've heard of guys lying out of it, but I'd be the first guy to lie into it.

Judy: When he tells me he's dying and he doesn't DIE... wouldn't he know that I'd get suspicious?

Dr. Morrissey: Is it a sharp pain, is it a dull pain, or does it grip like a vice.
George Kimball: Yes, yes.
Dr. Morrissey: Nonono, pick one.
George Kimball: I guess it's a sharp pain, hurts like the dickens when I press it.
Dr. Morrissey: Then don't press it.

George Kimball: What kind of pills are they?
Dr. Morrissey: You wouldn't know if I told you. Just take them. Take the pills.

Judy: George, remember our first anniversary?
George Kimball: Remember. I made notes.

Judy: George, your hypochondria's showing.

Mr. Akins: How many in your family?
George Kimball: Just my wife and myself.
Mr. Akins: Oh... Well, that's all right. Chance of any little additions, maybe?
George Kimball: Well, there might be another man along later.
Mr. Akins: I beg your pardon.

Continuity mistake: When Dr. Morrissey comes to George and Judy's house on Sunday night after the fishing trip to bring them some fish, he sits down on the couch and removes his glasses. Then, in the next shot, his glasses are back on again. He wouldn't have had time to put his glasses back on. (01:09:45)

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Answer: She went to her mother's for at least the weekend, possibly for the entire time their children were at camp.

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