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Question: Does anybody know why Mace Windu is the head of the Jedi council? It just seems as though there are or were better or older Jedi who surely would have rose to become head Jedi. I thought at first that he may have a high Midi-chlorian count, but it seems his is quite normal by Jedi standards. No wonder Count Dooku left, he waited until he was seventy and still didn't become head of the council!

Answer: Mace Windu is not the head of the Council. Yoda, as Grand Master of the Jedi Order for all intents and purposes is head of the council, but each councillor is equal in terms of voting power. Though the councillors are all powerful force users, power seems secondary to wisdom as far as the selection process is concerned. Dooku left the Jedi Order not due to issues of rank, but because he had become disillusioned with the council.

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Question: Is it true that Keira Knightly almost played Padme in this movie and Episode III, because Natalie Portman didn't want to do it anymore?

Answer: No. All the main actors were contractually obliged to do all three prequel movies.


Question: Did the Clones know that Tyranus/Dooku is the one who ordered the clone army?


Chosen answer: Most likely yes. As pointed out in a correction in this page, they did not shoot him in the pursuit scene on Geonosis with the Gunship lasers as they knew he was a leader of them. They might have known that he was the one who placed the order, but they followed Sidious whether they knew or not.

It's also possible that they were ordered to capture Dooku alive to gain information on his master and the Separatists, and shooting him down would probably kill him.

Question: I know that Boba was the only clone of Jango that wasn't modified. But was he the first Jango clone ever created?

Answer: Yes, Boba was the first clone of Jango Fett. This is confirmed in the Topps Star Wars Card Trader trading card series which includes canon details on many Star Wars characters.


Question: When Obi-Wan is told by Dooku that the republic is controlled by Darth Sidious, he does not immediately believe it. Later in the movie he mentions it to Yoda and Mace Windu and he remarks that it does not feel right. Why were the Jedi not able to connect the dots and figure out a pattern when Palpatine stayed in office longer than he should have? That should have been a red flag. Are the Jedi not clued in at all?

Answer: The influence of the dark side of the force clouds their judgements, it causes a disturb in the force so they can't see through it to discover the truth. Even at the end of the war all they feel is that the dark side of the force surrounds the chancellor but they can't figure out what that means.


Question: If the clones believe Dooku is their leader, why are they against the droids, who are his allies?

Answer: The pilots didn't refuse to shoot down Dooku - they explain they have run out of rockets and they can't. The clone troopers have no idea that Dooku originally ordered for them to be made, only the Jedi council at that time know, which is explained earlier in the film.

Answer: The clones do not believe Dooku to be their leader. Dooku is the leader of the Separatists.


But they believe he was one of the people who was helping with ordering them (which he was) and refused to shoot him down when Anakin asked.

No, they believe Sifo Dyas was the Jedi who ordered their creation. They do not refuse to shoot down Dooku, they tried and failed.


They believe it was both. They used "we're out of rockets" as an excuse to not kill him as they knew he was one of their leaders. Some of the corrections even state it, and one of the answers does as well.

The Jedi and the Chancellor are their leaders, not Dooku. Dooku is the enemy. Dooku's plan was to gather the largest droid army in the galaxy to counter the republic so that the clone army would be deployed. For Palpatine the seperatists were only a distraction for the Jedi and an excuse to deploy the clones. The clones obeyed the Jedi and Republic until order 66. Dooku was led to believe he would become one of the leaders eventually, if he knew about order 66, but Palpatine had other plans.


So are you saying the people who were saying that in the corrections and questions are wrong?

There's one correction I saw that says that, and yes, I believe that correction to be incorrect. There is nothing in the film to suggest that the clones were aware (either consciously or otherwise) that Dooku played any part in their creation and chose not to kill him. If that was the case and George Lucas wanted the audience to be aware, it would have been less subtle and more obvious. It's not even supposed to be obvious that Dooku and Darth Tyranus are the same person until the end of the movie but that reveal was ruined by pre-release marketing and merchandise.


But you can see the rockets in the gunship when the clone pilot refuses to fire them at Dooku.

Plus, they could've also used lasers or etc. instead.

Plus, why wouldn't Dooku and Sidious have had this feature installed anyway if they knew they would've been against him otherwise?

Sidious already was the leader of the clone troops, as Chancellor of the republic. All he had to do was wait for the war to spread the Jedi out over the galaxy so they will be more vulnerable and then execute order 66 to take them out. Dooku or Grievous were never a part of that plan. This is proven by Sidious ordering Vader to go to the Mustafar system and kill the rest of the separatist leaders. If Grievous was still alive he would have been eliminated too. Sidious' new apprentice Vader had already killed Dooku by then anyway.


That's not exactly the point though.

The point the clones did not refuse to fire on Dooku. Dooku is not protected against them. Not by Palpatine, not by himself as Tyrannus.


The programming of the clone troopers has been explored extensively in additional canon materials outside of the films. There has never been any mention of specific programming put in place to keep the clones from killing Dooku and Sidious. The ship still having rockets after the clone says they are out is more likely to be a simple continuity error rather than a subtle hint (and if this theory is to be believed, the ONLY hint at all in any Star Wars media) that the clones were programmed to not kill Dooku.


There's also the hint that he finished up the job with ordering them.

We can go on and on for pages but the fact of the matter is the clones were not what you expected them to be. Dooku never had any idea he would be in danger of being captured or killed by the clones as he was supposed to be coordinating the war on the background like Sidious.


Question: If Count Dooku took over with ordering the clone army for Dyas, did he ask for the clones to have the biochip that would turn against the Jedi? If so, why wouldn't the Kaminoians inform Obi-Wan of this?

Answer: Order 66 was an extra implaced by Dooku later on to the clone army. It was a secret order and the Kaminoans are very loyal to the customers. The fact Obi-Wan came there to inspect the army doesn't mean they should reveal the secret order, they had no reason to do so as they thought Obi-Wan already knew.


Question: Why can't Dooku sense Obi-Wan on Geonosis? In ANH, Vader could sense Obi-Wan on the Death Star.


Chosen answer: For one thing Vader is significantly more powerful than Dooku. Vader also has a strong emotional connection with Obi Wan and thus it is easier to sense him.


How come? Tyranus, Obi Wan and Vader are all force sensitive. So we could expect Dooku might have sensed Kenobi.


There's nothing in the film to suggest he did. In A New Hope, Vader specifically mentions sensing Obi Wan. In Return of the Jedi, Luke specifically mentions sensing Vader. There is no mention that either Obi Wan or Dooku could sense the other on Geonosis. Dooku being able to sense Obi Wan would go a long way to explain the hilarious ease of Obi Wan's capture, but it can't be said that he could sense him just because he can use the force and force users can do that. We aren't shown it and he doesn't mention it.


Maybe Dooku sensed Obi Wan. But, I think it's part of the plan to get Kenobi captured. Because Dooku is going to reveal a "dark secret" to the Jedi.


Answer: Dooku knew that Obi Wan was spying him. But he did that on purpose, by luring him into a trap. As you can see in the film, he was captured so that Dooku would plant a seed with the Republic in order to ensure the Clone Wars began as Sidious and Tyranus planned.


Revealing mistake: When Amidala and Anakin are eating and he cuts her a piece of the fruit and "floats" it back to her, the bite appears in the fruit a split second before she actually eats it. [This appears to be fixed in rereleased versions]. (00:53:40)

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