Day of the Dead

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Captain Rhodes is first introduced. Initially, his captain insignia is horizontal (correctly). After a few shots in the same scene, his rank is now vertical.

Continuity mistake: When Miguel opens the gate a herd of zombies come in. Later, when some zombies come from the bunker where they kept the specimens, several of the zombies are the same, and an obvious one is a kid in a football uniform. The zombies in the bunker had no way out, so how could the zombies be in two places at once?

Continuity mistake: At the climax of the film when the military guy shoots himself through the mouth to avoid being eaten alive, the closeup shot of him killing himself leaves a huge spatter against the wall he is in front of. In the next shot where he is falling to the ground, the fresh blood splatter is gone (or, at least, very less apparent). (01:30:25)

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John: I got an alternative, yeah, yeah, I got an alternative. Let's get in that old whirly-bird, find us an island some place, get juiced up and spend what time we got left soakin' up some sunshine! How's that?
Sarah: You could do that, couldn't you? With all that's going on, you could just do that without a second thought?
John: Right, I could do that even if all this wasn't going on.

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Trivia: Real pig guts were used for the scene where Joe Pilato (Rhodes) is ripped in half. The guts were accidentally left out of the freezer for the weekend and so were rotten when they were used. The stench was so bad that everybody ran off the set once they finished.

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