Not Another Teen Movie

Visible crew/equipment: When Priscilla tells Jake that she broke up with him for the weird guy with the floating plastic bag, you can see a string that is suspending the plastic bag in the air. (00:09:50)

Audio problem: In the scene by the ambulance after the football game against the Wildcats, Jake is seen walking in his football cleats. During this time, it is quiet. Football cleats are extremely loud to walk in.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Jake asks Janey to the prom, Ricky puts his fist to his mouth after she says she will go with Jake. It cuts to a shot where he has nothing in front of his mouth. (00:51:10)

Joel Gordon

Continuity mistake: At the end of Jake singing "Janey's got a gun," he has the microphone angled away from the microphone stand. The shot changes to the guards giving Janey a taser. When it comes back to Jake, the microphone is angled back toward the microphone stand. (00:32:55)

Joel Gordon

Continuity mistake: When Mitch is giving the the letter to Amanda, take a look at her hairs: it switch places between scene. (01:29:01)

Janey: Jake! How did you get in here? I thought Dad bolted the door.
Jake: There's a big hole in the side of your house.

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Question: During the 'Bring It On' tryout scene parody, after Sandy-Sue has said "It's just swell to meet all of you", Priscilla says "P A G (or P E G) - I assume you brought a routine?". What does P A G (or P E G) stand for?.?

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