Life or Something Like It

Continuity mistake: When Lanie is talking to her sister at her sister's house, they are seated across from each other on sofas. Her sister has a plate of cookies in front of her on the coffee table. As Lanie and her sister are talking and her sister gets up towards the end of the scene, the plate of cookies have moved across the table in front of Lanie.

Continuity mistake: When Lanie and her sister Gwen are talking at Gwen's home there is a plate of cookies sitting on the table between them. As the conversation shifts back and forth between them, the positions of the cookies on the plate shift.

Robert Sullinger

Continuity mistake: When Lanie wakes up in Pete's bed after being on the air drunk, she falls back into the bed after watching what she did and pulls the covers over her face. Pete pulls the cover off of her and there's no hair on her face, but after the shot changes to Pete then Lanie again, there's a bunch of hair on her face.

Continuity mistake: When Lanie is in the bar watching the football game, the timer reads that there is 3 seconds left, then it cuts away then goes back and again the timer is counting down from 3, and it happens one more time, the whole time the clock is still counting down.

Audio problem: When Lanie is drunk and interviewing the teamster, you can see her mouthing his lines.

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Lanie: I met a homeless guy and he had a vision.
Cal: What like Espn?
Lanie: No, he had ESP! There's no N.

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