A Bug's Life

Corrected entry: This may seem like nitpicking, but the drunk mosquito that Flik approaches which drinks a round of blood is a male, when, in reality, only female mosquitos suck blood. Males actually consume flower nectar, like many other insects.

Correction: Really? Just because it looks like a male doesn't mean it's a male. Frances the Ladybug looks like a female, but he's male.

Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie, Hopper gets one of his antennae yanked off by one of the pill bugs. If you look at his head, though, as Flick is yelling for help, you can see both antennae are intact.

Correction: Tuck/Roll broke off only a part of the antennae not the whole thing as you can see when they are playing with it, it isn't that long.

Continuity mistake: As Flik is just leaving the island to go find the "tough bugs", he's followed by two young male ants. The two young ants look quite different, one being blue and the other more purple. The blue one says "My dad gives you one hour before you come back crying" and the purple one says something to the effect of "My dad says you're gonna die". But after Flik has hit himself on the rock whilst trying to cross the valley, the purple ant says to the blue ant, "Your dad's right, he's gonna die". Wrong ant.

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Hopper: If I didn't promise my mother on her deathbed that I wouldn't kill you, I'd kill you!
Molt: You know, no-one appreciates that more than I do.

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Trivia: When they show the trailer where the to bugs go in to the bug zapper you can see the Pizza Planet Truck from Toy Story on the side of the trailer.

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