Dirty Work

Continuity mistake: When Hamilton (the boss at the movie theatre) leaves a message on the answering machine, he mentions that he saw Sam ("Hey, fatso... fatso.") in the TV commercial. However, Sam was never on camera, he was out of sight, opening the trunks by remote control.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Jack Warden tells Norm MacDonald that he is having a heart attack, you can see that even with them being indoors, it's clearly dark outside. But when the movie cuts to the ambulance taking him to the hospital, it's completely sunny.

Continuity mistake: When Norm Macdonald is thrown out of the window at the bar fight, you can see a perfect outline of broken glass around him.

Continuity mistake: The scene where Sam is mooning the movie line, Mitch stops the car way past the parking meter. But the next shot when Mitch stops and gets out of the car, the camera changes to Sam's butt hanging out the window, but the car is now in front of the parking meter. Sam then opens the door and you see it open past the meter post but the next shot shows the door opening and hitting the post.

John Arvidson

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Sam beats up the answering machine and phone with a bat, the phone rings after its knocked off the hook. Then, when Mitch grabs the pieces of the phone to answer it he has the mouthpiece facing the wrong way.

Continuity mistake: After the shot of the meter maid's hood is blown off by the popcorn, it shows a shot of her driving it, hood intact.

Continuity mistake: When Sam and Mitch are in Dr. Farthing's office, items on the desk move around depending on the camera angle. Most noticeably, there is a stapler between the heart and pencil holder in one angle and then the pencil holder is right next to the heart in the other angle.


Factual error: Even though Pops is in such bad shape that he needs a heart transplant, he isn't hooked up to any monitors or equipment while in the hospital.

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Drug dealer: He took away my chainsaw and now he's using it on me!

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Trivia: Chris Farley has an uncredited role in the film as Jimmy. This is his second, and the last, film to be released after his death.


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