Dirty Work

Revealing mistake: When Norm McDonald points out the movie line and starts honking and Artie Lange is mooning, you can see the motorcycle cops who were used to block traffic.


Revealing mistake: When the frat boys from the bar throw Mitch in the dumpster, look at the dumpsters reflection; you can see Norm McDonald/stuntman get a running start and voluntarily jump in.


Continuity mistake: When Hamilton (the boss at the movie theatre) leaves a message on the answering machine, he mentions that he saw Sam ("Hey, fatso... fatso.") in the TV commercial. However, Sam was never on camera, he was out of sight, opening the trunks by remote control.

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Mitch: Look, uh, it's kind of embarrassing to be physically afraid of a hundred year old man who just had a coronary. So, uh, can we hurry this along?

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Trivia: Chris Farley has an uncredited role in the film as Jimmy. This is his second, and the last, film to be released after his death.


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