Broken Arrow

Broken Arrow (1996)


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Vic Deakins: Would you mind not shooting at the thermonuclear weapons?

Vic Deakins: Good move, Hale. I didn't see if coming. But, you're definitely gonna pay for it.

Vic Deakins: I think you've got more guts than he does. I think you'd eat a bullet. Let's find out.

Vic Deakins: Hang on. Four minutes to detonation.
Mr. Pritchett: You stupid bastard! We'll all be killed!
Vic Deakins: We'll be fine. Mr. Pritchett. Now, will you please keep your voice down. I'm trying to concentrate.

Colonel Wilkins: And, I have an obligation to follow my orders and return you to McMurron. Now, do you know what orders are, captain?
Riley Hale: Yes, sir. I do.
Colonel Wilkins: Good. Because I'm about to break them.

Vic Deakins: Well, I do appreciate the money that you and your associates have invested in this operation. But, uh, it is an operation. It's a military operation, and you don't know dick about that!

Deakins: I say goddamn, what a rush!

Continuity mistake: When Hale shoots into the train from the helicopter, he wounds Deakins in the right arm, but later during the movie, the wound is nowhere to be seen. Especially during the fight scene at the end when Deakins takes off his jacket. There's no blood or wound anywhere on his right arm.


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Trivia: John Woo wanted Hale to die in the film, but the studio was against it because of Slater's popularity with younger audiences.

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Question: Like the Wilhelm scream, is there a name to the scream Howie Long makes he falls? I've heard that in more than few other things.

Answer: To me it sounds a lot like a Tie Fighter flyby, also been used in a few movies for various different things.


Answer: Funnily enough, it is actually often referred to as the "Howie Scream," in reference to this film, which famously used it. It's a stock sound effect that's been in use since at least 1980. It's also referred to as "Screams 3; Man, Gut-Wrenching Scream and Fall into Distance," which was presumably the title of the track in the music library it's from.


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