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Corrected entry: A large number of the women in the movie, especially the "harlots" and "harem girls," have very obvious breast implants as evident through the shapes of their breasts. Not something available thousands of years ago, but it does fit with the spirit of the movie. (00:24:00)

J I Cohen

Correction: Since we can't see surgical scars, or the implants themselves, since the costumes aren't *that* revealing, we can't say for sure that implants were used. A woman in a harem would be picked for her beauty, and ideally-formed attributes, therefore, there could well be a preponderance of large breasted women in the harem.


Corrected entry: After Thorak is killed, he reappears as a guard, walking down the palace-stairs with another guard and is only disguised with a artificial, cheap, black mustache on his face. (00:44:50 - 01:09:45)

Correction: Looking at the scene mentioned again, it becomes quite obvious that this is indeed NOT Ralf Moeller just playing another guard. Made even more obvious when his face contorts when one of Isis' women kills him. Thus not a mistake, definitely another actor.

Corrected entry: In the beginning, When they start on their journey to find and kill the sorcerer, they laugh about his "Camel" and say that horses are faster. Hey says "Camels are smarter". In fact he is not riding a camel but a dromedary.


Correction: A Dromedary is also known as an Arabian Camel, and thus not a mistake.


Corrected entry: Memnon spills two flaming devices (a plate over a stand) in the throne room while he is fighting Mathayus and they have only burning oil inside, no cinders. Outside in the banquet area, he throws the cinders (not incense, this device was burning earlier in the scene) from the same type of flame receptacle that has gone out into Mathayus' face. The "torches" are exactly the same style and produce exactly the same flame, so why are the incendiary tools different? (01:14:25 - 01:18:20)


Correction: Some are outside, the others inside. Perhaps they use a different fuel because outside there is a chance of rain or moisture putting out the flame.

Corrected entry: After Balthazar breaks through the main door with some guards, the bad guy orders the guards to "kill that witch" (Cassandra). Surprisingly one of them begins fighting her. Please remember that minutes ago the soldiers were about to start an uprising against the king because she was missing. Even more, after Cassandra finishes him, another guard runs into the room from a side door and attacks her right away. Why would he start fighting Cassandra, when he is to protect her in the first place? He couldn't have heard Memnon's order. (01:14:00)

Correction: The soldiers were not going to start an uprising against Memnon, they only wanted an assurance that the battle would be victorious for them. They wanted to know that Cassandra had a vision, not Memnon just going ahead without her visions, and wanted to see her since she was missing for a week. They were still loyal to Memnon, and would have gone to battle against their better judgement. The guard attacking Cassandra makes sense, because he just witnessed her kill a guard. The guards aren't there to protect Cassandra. They are the King's guards, and if Memnon ordered them to kill Cassandra, they would do it, as they answer to him, not her.

Corrected entry: Amora is Memnon's city. The historical Amora was very near to the salt sea in Israel before it was ruined - in the film, no sea is visible nearby.

Correction: The movie is not a documentary, artistic license is allowed. Besides, who is to say Amora is the same as the city near Israel?

Corrected entry: Watch the guards' shoes during the final fight sequence. Some of them are wearing Nikes that painted black. If you pause, you can make out the "swoosh" outline on the shoe.

Rollin Garcia Jr

Correction: The need to pause to see the swoosh invalidates the entry according to site rules.

Corrected entry: The magic Chinese powder referred to is obviously black powder or a similar gunpowder variant. However, Black powder explodes with a lot of black smoke and a relatively small blast, unlike what was seen in the film.

Correction: This only goes to show that the powder was NOT black powder, but some other, deliberately mysterious substance.


Correction: It's actually impossible to say. The arrow has a very slim tip and is never strongly lighted from the time Mathayus takes it out until he fires it. While there is no blood running down the shaft, this would be expected with the wound slanting down into Mathayus' back (the blood would go down his back).


Corrected entry: In the desert, when the guards go into a cave, the angle changes and you see two sets of rocks, then several guards fall into quicksand. When their leader "says stay on the rocks," the shot changes, and more sets of rocks appear.

Correction: The number of rocks is consistent through the shots. Most of them are harder to notice because they are around the edge of the room and out of the light.


Corrected entry: When Mathayus falls down the water hole with the sorceror he drops his sword. But when he is figting with the king's army he has the exact same sword. How did he get his sword back?

Correction: Mathayus favors certain styles of weapons. He also carries many spare weapons on his camel. It's not unreasonable that he keeps a spare version of his favorite sword in case the first one got broken or lost.


Correction: It's possible Mathayus picks up arrows that have already been fired and are in good enough shape that they can be re-used.

Corrected entry: Towards the end, when Mathayus walks into the rebel camp, you can see a cameraman in a white t-shirt and black cap. He is crawling towards Mathayus.

Correction: There are a few different shots this could refer to and I watched them several times. In none of them did I see a person in a white t-shirt and black cap crawling. I did see many white-and-black goats.


Corrected entry: Near the beginning when he shoots the arrow and goes down a zipwire you can clearly see the wheel under the chain, also the chain is not bending as he goes down.

Correction: There is no wheel and as The Rock moves his arms, the chain moves with him.

Corrected entry: Memnon's head goon gives the scientist the benefit of the doubt for harbouring The Rock in the lab. But when he fails to catch The Rock, he points at the scientist through the window and orders his men to go after the traitor. What made him change his mind?

Correction: He knows that Memnon will probably execute him for his failures and needs a scapegoat. The scientist fits the bill.

Corrected entry: The Rock escapes from Memnon's goons by running into the scientist's lab and catapulting himself out of the window. But then, when the goons come into the lab to look for The Rock, they have no idea that The Rock has been in the lab even though he left a huge hole in the window.

Correction: The window was very high up in the wall, and obviously designed to let light in, not to look out of. The guards would had to have looked up to see the hole, none of them did.

J I Cohen

Corrected entry: This is something for the boys to look out for. When Cassandra goes to heal The Rock, watch as she swings her leg over his body - it is clear to see she wasn't wearing knickers that day.

Correction: The darkened area between her legs is her costume. Wishful thinking.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the Scorpion King escapes the wizards lab, he is using a catapult. However catapults were not invented until 400BC - 300BC by the Greeks, something like 2000 years after the events of the movie.

Correction: The wizard could easily have invented it first, but since he was kept in secrecy, and the city was destroyed, the invention could have been lost until the Greeks invented it later. This movie is not a documentary.

Corrected entry: In the harem, when the guards burst in, Mathayus realizes that the women took all of his weapons. But when he gets into the water room where Casandra is, he pulls a sword from his sheath.

Correction: He killed a few guards, and picked up a weapon.

Factual error: All swords in this movie are made from steel, and in the beginning it's said that the film takes place years before the Pyramids were built (they were built around 3200 BC). Steel wouldn't be around for 2000 more years. (00:03:50 - 00:12:40)

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Question: In Roger Ebert's review, he says "...Mathayus intones, 'As long as one of us still breathes, the sorcerer will die.' See if you can spot the logical loophole." I can't - what's the problem with that line?

Jon Sandys Premium member

Chosen answer: By the way Mathayus is saying it, it sounds like he is saying as long as him or the sorcerer still breathes, either he or the sorcerer will die, but he is trying to say as long as one of the Akkadians are breathing, they will not stop trying to kill the sorcerer until he is dead.

T Poston

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