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Corrected entry: At the Christmas party scene, Suzie comes in and Will decides to leave, and then an argument ensues about whether he will leave or not. At one point, Fiona says "I've told Will to go" - except she hasn't said any such thing. It was Will who decided to leave.

Correction: Fiona doesn't say "I've told Will to go" at any point. She in fact says the opposite. Her dialouge is "I haven't told Will to go. Suzie's angry with him, as she has every right to be."

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Corrected entry: The flier for the SPAT meeting says it's on Friday at 2pm. You'd think if they wanted as many single parents as possible to attend (people who would almost invariably have to work, or at least be looking for work) they'd make the meeting in the evening, or on the weekend.


Correction: Single parents often work odd hours, at jobs with irregular shifts. Would need more info to state Hard-And-Fast as a Rule.


Corrected entry: Much is made of the fact that the story is set in the run-up to Christmas. However, this movie was filmed in the height of summer. For example, Marcus turns up at Will's flat "after school" and is shown in bright sunlight with a short, noon-day shadow. School's out at about 4.30pm in the UK, by which time it is nearly dark in November/December in London. Also, in every street scene, the London office workers are swanning around in shirt-sleeves. Rather unlikely for a London winter.

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Correction: Most secondary schools in the UK finish lessons at about 3:30. Some fee-paying schools finish later, but only about 4:00. Will's house is obviously quite close to Marcus' school, from the fact that Marcus has the energy to run there and bullies can be bothered to chase him; so even if Marcus doesn't finish until 4:00pm, he would still make it there before it is dark. Additionally, the film takes place in late autumn.

Corrected entry: When Will notices the advertisement for SPAT the first time he just purchased an Esquire Magazine with the face of a woman on it. When the shot changes after Will noticed the ad, Esquire Magazine, now with the face of Brad Pitt on it, can be noticed in the background. (00:13:15)

Correction: Will is probably a regular reader of Esquire. If he knows when the magazine kiosk gets in new numbers of that magazine he may have bought the newest copy(with the woman's face on it) before the kiosk salesman has had time to replace the old copy(with Brad Pitt on the cover).

Corrected entry: When Marcus throws the bread at the duck, you can tell that it is a fake duck.

Correction: In behind the scenes, you are told that they made a fake duck, but found a real dead duck there on the day. The duck floating is a real dead duck.

Corrected entry: Will says that because of spending Christmas with Marcus he met Rachel on New Year's Eve. Between those times, Marcus meets Ellie at school. This is kind of strange, as there is no school between Christmas and New Year's Eve.

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Correction: Marcus had a crush on Ellie for quite a while before Will mentioned it, as you can see by the way he looks at her in previous scenes. It is quite likely that Marcus just did not mention it to Will until Christmas time.

Corrected entry: When they leave to go to the park, Marcus has on the striped jacket. When they get to the park, he has on that blue one with the rainbow and clouds. When they get back home, he's wearing the striped one again. (00:17:00 - 00:23:00)

Correction: Marcus is wearing the sweater under the jacket. The sweater buttons can be seen under the jacket as he is walking to the car.

Corrected entry: At the end of the film Will shows up unexpectedly and interrupts Fiona's SPAT meeting at about the time Marcus's school concert starts. Fiona knew about the concert and that Marcus was going to sing for her so then why wasn't she at the concert on time? Instead she was still at the SPAT meeting. Will showed up at the SPAT meeting unexpectedly but ended up speeding to the concert with Fiona just in time for Marcus's song. How would have Fiona gotten there on time if Will didn't show up at the SPAT meeting?

Correction: Maybe she was intending to go, but Will interrupted and delayed her, because he wanted to talk to her after the meeting had already finished. If Will hadn't gone,she would have probably left the SPAT minutes before.

Corrected entry: When Will takes Rachel to dinner to confess that Marcus is not his son, watch the straw in Rachel's drink. It keeps changing positions throughout the scene and she's not even touching it.


Correction: As far as I can see, the straw never moves from its position at the front edge of her glass.


Correction: There is a cord running from the guitar to what, can only be assumed, is an amp off-stage.


Corrected entry: When they are at the hospital, you can hear a phone ringing in the background but the phone is ringing as if it's located in the U.S. (one long ring).Phones from the U.K. ring differently (two short rings together).


Correction: If it's a modern phone, it's probably got a configurable ringing tone.


Corrected entry: You can see the packaging from the Sony Discman on the table before Marcus opens that particular present which Will gave him.


Correction: Duplicated mistake

Continuity mistake: When Will meets Rachel, right after Rachel says "Mine's Ali...Alistair", her arms keep changing positions. First she has got them on the table, then on her legs, and then on the next shot they're on the table again.

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Will: Once you open your door to one person anyone can come in.

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Question: It says during the final credits that several scenes from Billy Elliot were show throughout the movie. I don't remember seeing these scenes. When are they shown?

Answer: It's when Will is in HMV looking for a CD and it's on the screen in the background.

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