Changing Lanes

Changing Lanes (2002)

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Continuity mistake: After Affleck's car strikes Jackson's and comes to a halt, an overhead shot shows his driver's side door only a few inches away from the plastic barrels in the median. In the next shot, Affleck opens the door a couple of feet, enough to exit easily. The median barrels are filled with sand. It would be impossible to push them away with a car door.

Continuity mistake: Early in the film at the first accident, Gavin's Mercedes comes to a stop with the left side of the car up against the barrels. But magically, in the next shot Gavin is able to open the driver's door and get out of the car.

Paul S

Continuity mistake: At the bar while Doyle is about to drink the whisky and and calls his friend, the amount of liquid changes between shots.


Continuity mistake: Just after Doyle's car hits the sand-filled barrels, in the shot facing Gavin in his car, Doyle is seen in the background having removed his seatbelt, but in Doyle's next close-up he is still buckled and proceeds to remove the seatbelt again. (00:08:15)

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Continuity mistake: After he misses his court appearance, when Doyle pleads with Valerie as she walks out of the courtroom, his left hand holds all the papers and folder, but next shot his left hand is empty and his right hand now holds everything. (00:17:00)

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Deliberate mistake: When Finch is attempting to turn Doyle Gipson's credit back on, one close-up focuses on the framed photo and pans out to Finch's hands on the keyboard. This shot is flipped, note his wedding band and the mouse have switched sides. (00:52:20)

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Valerie Gipson: Whatever drama you've gotten yourself into, it's just the kind of thing that always happens to you. And it never happens to me unless I am in your field of gravity.

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