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Psycho II (1983)

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Mary is really the daughter of Sam Loomis and Lila Crane from the first Psycho. Sam is dead, but Lila intends to make Norman go insane again by dressing up as his mother, and by calling him and pretending to be his mother. Eventually Norman does go insane again and kills Lila. Mary (not knowing what's happened to Lila) tries to dress up as his mother and convince him that it's all a lie, but Norman forces her down to the coal cellar, where Mary discovers Lila's body. Mary threatens to kill Norman, but as she does, the police break in and shoot her. Mary and Lila end up being blamed for the murders and Norman is set free. Later on he's visited by a woman called Miss Spool, the sister of Norma Bates, who claims to be Norman's real mother. He kills her with a shovel and takes her up to his mother's room, where she becomes his new "Mother".


Visible crew/equipment: When Dr. Raymond leaves with Mary in his car after talking to Norman, when he drives off the entire crew and equipment can be seen reflected in the side of his car. (00:41:50)

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Mary: You really wanna know what Norman's like?
Warren Toomey: Yeah.
Mary: Better than you'll ever be, fat boy.

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Trivia: The reflection of young Norman Bates in the doorknob when he flashes back to his mother's poisoning is Anthony Perkins' son, Oz.

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Question: Who was doing the killings before Norman finally snapped?


Chosen answer: The murderer is Emma Spool, Norman's biological mother. She was killing people because she didn't want anybody harming Norman.

Emma was not Norman's biological mother. She was the sister of Norma (and Norman's aunt) and jealous that Mr. Bates chose Norma over her and thought Norman should have been the son she and Mr. Bates were suppose to have. Later, while still mentally ill, she believed Norman was her son and told Norman this.


Emma Spool was, in fact, Norman's biological mother. It was revealed at the end of the movie that she is his real mother and Norma Bates is her sister who adopted Norman and raised him While Emma was institutionalized.

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Again, that was just Emma being delusional and/or lying. Tracy Venable tells Norman the truth in Psycho III. Emma was never his mother.


I never knew Emma Spool was Norman's biological mother. In fact, I never heard of Emma Spool. Thanks.

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