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Enjoyed the movie but was completely blown away by the ending. The ending made no sense to me and left me non-plus. I was left with entirely no idea what the ending was about and took away all the enjoyment and suspense I had during the whole movie. What a bummer of an ending. JF.

Other mistake: When attacking the convoy, the crew rushes forward during the crash dive. Just after a crew member jumps through the hatch after the bow crew compartment, you see someone standing still a second before getting pushed in the view of the camera. (01:31:15)

Julien Lecomte

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Captain: April fool. Practice makes perfect.

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Trivia: All the actors were fluent in English and dubbed themselves in the English version.

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Question: What's the music the German band are playing at the end when U96 returns to port?

Answer: It's the 'Erzherzog Albrecht Marsch', composed 1887.

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