Das Boot

Das Boot (1981)

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While crossing the Strait of Gibraltar, the U-Boat is attacked by British cruisers and begins to sink. They sink below 300 metres and just as it seems the boat is about to explode under the pressure, they hit a sand bar and teeter for awhile. With their main tanks capsized and unable to surface, the men start to move water by hand, the work made even more excruciating because of the lack of oxygen. Just as it seems the men are about to die, the Chief's plan works and the ballast tanks kick in, and the boat starts to rise. The U-Boat arrives at the port to a hero's welcome, only to be strafed by British bombers. Lt. Werner runs out after the bombing is complete to find most of the crew dead, among them Johann, 2WO, Ullmann and Preacher. Werner then sees the Kaleun propped up against the docks as he watches his boat sink. Just as the U-Boat slips under the waves, the Captain collapses and dies.

Huge Geyser

Revealing mistake: In one scene just before the attack on a big Hunter the young captain (Jürgen Prochnow) is sitting with his charts. Beside him he has got a glass of beer standing. The sub lurches heavily right and left in the hard weather, but the surface of the liquid stays the same.

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Captain: April fool. Practice makes perfect.

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Trivia: The full sized mock up of the U boat was rented by Steven Spielberg for use in the first Indiana Jone's film.

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