Big Trouble

Continuity mistake: When Anna is in Eliot's office and they start their little romp, Eliot is holding a mug with coffee, but when it spills the liquid is clear. (00:26:55)

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Continuity mistake: When Matt and Andrew jump over the stone wall to 'kill' Jenny with the super-soaker, there is a large plant in front of the stones right below them which disappears in the next shot. (00:13:20)

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Continuity mistake: When Eliot kicks in the computer screen in Deeber's office, the screen's frame breaks off, only to be intact in the next shot. (00:03:20)

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Visible crew/equipment: When Officer Romero and Arthur are alone in the house, handcuffed to the brass shelving unit, as she says, "Help me or I will crush you like a damn bug," a crewmember wearing glasses and a blue shirt is seen crouching on the floor, at the bottom right of the screen. (00:53:05)

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Bruce: I hope you realize you've just committed assault.
Henry Desalvo: I know, I know. Time was, you actually had to hit somebody.

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Trivia: The voice of the Gators fan, who calls in to the sports radio show, belongs to the film's Director, Barry Sonnenfeld. The voice of that radio show's host belongs to Sonnenfeld's friend, Director/Writer (not for this film), David Koepp. Sonnenfeld's daughter has an uncredited brief cameo as the little blonde girl, in the pink shirt riding a scooter, which Puggy, Nina and Matt run past at the airport. Dave Barry, the author of the novel, upon which this film is based, has a cameo in the boardroom.

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