Superman III

Continuity mistake: While the blind man is walking his dog, a man in blue jean walks by the left of a tree. There is a brusque cut and the man in jeans is now walking on the right side of the tree.

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Continuity mistake: When bad and good Supermen is going up on the junkyard belt, one shot shows Clark very close to a car, in the next one he has gone down and the car is farther away.

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Continuity mistake: When bad Superman is flicking the peanuts, the man by his left stands up and hides at the end of the bar. In the next shot he is seen close to Superman reflected on the glass.

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Continuity mistake: The lady by the bingo trolley leans her head to the right and asks "Can we have the next number?" When the angle changes her head is now leaning the other side.

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Continuity mistake: While in the bus to Smallville, Clark sees the accident on the heliport and there are no cars on the side of the road. From a shot outside it's full of them.

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Deliberate mistake: When a man bumps into pole, it sounds as if a truck had crashed (which makes it funnier), but in reality he just bumped his chest.

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Continuity mistake: While Mr. White is trying to open the bingo ball, from the side shots the lady is watching the ball. From the front shots she is watching him. This keeps taking place every time angle angles.

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Continuity mistake: The fireman on the right points at the lake and lowers his arm. In the next shot it's up again.

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Continuity mistake: When a man tries to pick up the toy penguins, a close shot shows them walking, but on the wide shot they are standing still.

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Continuity mistake: In the beginning, when Gus is waiting on the queue of the employment office, the amount of papers by his feet changes between the close shot and the wide one following.

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Continuity mistake: In the employment office, the crushed Coke can jammed between the iron bars changes position between shots.

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Continuity mistake: The location of the staircase leading up to the supercomputer's control console changes. When they first enter the computer, it is at the back of the computer behind a lot of electrical machinery and circuits. When Ross comes down to try and get the screw out of Gus's mouth, the staircase has moved right next to the entrance of the computer (where Vera gets turned into a robot later on).

Continuity mistake: The firetruck's ladder Jimmy climbs up during the chemical plant fire changes between shots. In the first shot its a white-framed ladder at a pretty shallow angle. The ladder in the second shot changes to a black and orange one which is at a much steeper angle and the rungs are spaced further apart. Also in the second shot he is much closer to the top of the ladder than the first shot, and there is no way he climbed up the ladder that fast.

Factual error: At the start we see a blind man and his guide dog, who runs off after a smaller dog. Guide dogs are specifically trained not to do this before being given to their owner.

Ross Webster: What will it do?
Gus Gorman: Anything I tell it.
Ross Webster: What will it do for me?
Gus Gorman: For you, it will do anything you tell me to tell it to do for you.

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Trivia: Richard Pryor originally turned the film down because he thought the script was rubbish. He admitted he only accepted the role because he was offered five million dollars for it.

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Question: Why was Lex Luthor absent in this movie? Not only he didn't appear but wasn't even mentioned. Did Gene Hackman refuse to reprise the role in this movie?

Answer: There were rumors that Hackman was angry with the Salkind Brothers (the producers) for firing director Richard Donner, though Hackman later disputed saying that. His explanation, though he may have been downplaying the real reason, was that he had a number of other movie projects at the time, and he also did not wish to continually play the same villain in an ongoing movie series.

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