Hudson Hawk

Revealing mistake: Gratuitous car explosions are nothing new in action films ... but this time the ambulance explodes in mid-air before even hitting anything. (00:32:22)


Revealing mistake: When Bruce is making a phone call, the glass of the phone booth is normal. Just before he swings the blond thug around into it, a pane is shown that is obviously fake - it is discoloured and not smooth. (00:47:00)


Revealing mistake: Alfred's sword leaves a large dent when it gets stuck in the wood. A few shots later, the sword moves, the dent dissapears and the wood actually wobbles as if made of rubber.

Dr Wilson

Revealing mistake: In the Vatican, when the security cage falls on the policeman, he stays still for two shots because he has been replaced by a dummy.

Dr Wilson

Revealing mistake: At Da Vinci's castle, hit Pause when Eddie steals the crystal. It is actually a little frog statue. The prop was apparently unavailable during the shooting of this scene and they took an object of the same color.

Dr Wilson

Revealing mistake: When Hudson is researching how to steal Da Vinci's book he comes to a staircase. Along the walls are bookcases - if you look properly you can see these are flat, with the book spines just painted on.


Continuity mistake: In the castle, Bruce has blood on his arm all the way down to his hand. When he and Anna are flying down, there is much less blood that only reaches down to his elbow. (01:33:00)


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Trivia: The film was a passion project for Bruce Willis for nearly a decade before production. It was based on a character and concept he came up with, with the help of songwriter Robert Kraft. The concept was originally written to be the basis of a semi-comedic song, but Willis and Kraft loved the character so much, they decided to try and adapt it into a feature film. Willis' success with the "Die Hard" franchise gave him the power to get the film made. However, the passion project quickly turned into a nightmare, with creative clashes between Willis and director Michael Lehmann, extensive re-writes being done on-set, and a generally troubled shoot. It ended up being the only film project Bruce Willis received a writing credit for.

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