Three Men and a Little Lady

Three Men and a Little Lady (1990)

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Corrected entry: When Peter is stranded in the countryside after his mini broke down on the way back from the Pileforth academy, Elspeth Lomax gives him a lift. Peter explains to Elspeth he has to stop the wedding, he must get there before it starts in order to do this. Why does Elspeth take a short cut and seem so frantic about getting there fast, surely if she was on her way to the wedding as a guest, she would have arrived before the wedding started anyway. Stopping to pick up peter could only have cost her a couple of minutes at the most.

Correction: Maybe she was already running late, or maybe she was never going to attend the ceremony, just the reception.


Factual error: During the second half of the film, set in Britain, Peter Mitchell is hiding away from a woman. She opens the door and asks "What are you doing in my closet?" She seems to talk with an upper class British accent, but she wouldn't use the American word "closet," but use either "wardrobe" or "cupboard."

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Sylvia: Edward is a wonderful person, but something keeps me from saying yes.
Vera Bennington: Would that something happen to be a tall architecht?

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Question: When Peter and Sylvia are in her dressing room, Peter tells her he was once married. I can't hear the rest of his one line. He says something like "My ex-wife had a" And she responds "That must have been quite an experience for you." What does he say his ex wife had?

Stacey Kotlarczyk

Chosen answer: In response to Sylvia asking, "No one else knows?" Peter says "My ex-wive has a dim recollection."


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