Three Men and a Little Lady

Corrected entry: When Peter is stranded in the countryside after his mini broke down on the way back from the Pileforth academy, Elspeth Lomax gives him a lift. Peter explains to Elspeth he has to stop the wedding, he must get there before it starts in order to do this. Why does Elspeth take a short cut and seem so frantic about getting there fast, surely if she was on her way to the wedding as a guest, she would have arrived before the wedding started anyway. Stopping to pick up peter could only have cost her a couple of minutes at the most.

Correction: Maybe she was already running late, or maybe she was never going to attend the ceremony, just the reception.


Continuity mistake: When the mother is putting icing on a cake she destroyed during baking, in the next shot she is shown walking over to Steve Guttenberg's animation table and the icing is gone from the cake.

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Sylvia: Someone going to come to the airport to help me pick up my mother?
Peter Mitchell: Jack can you do it?
Jack Holden: Oh damn, I got that kidney operation this afternoon! What about you, Peter?
Peter Mitchell: Michael, I'll give you $1,000 if you'll do it.

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