Quantum Tech Laboratories has made a breakthrough in a top secret technology called hypertime. The technology accelerates the molecules of the user until he or she appears invisible to the rest of the world and from the user's perspective, the world is standing still. QT has even created a watch that takes the wearer into hypertime. However, there is a problem with the technology: Extended stays in hypertime causes accelerated aging. To combat this problem, QT captures a scientist named Doppler and force him to create a device to reverse the aging effects. Unbeknowest to QT, Doppler has been enlisting the help of his college proffesor Dr. Gibbs and has even given him a hypertime watch. Things get even more complicated when Gibbs' teenage son Zak finds the watch and uses its powers for his own gain. When QT discovers that he has the watch, they send their agents to take it from him by any means necessary.

Other mistake: When the young couple goes into town everything is moving very slow, almost as if they are frozen. When they are looking at the Mustang, look in the background. The guy standing still has become a victim of wind. Notice his shirt flapping in "real time" and not "hyper time". If everything is slow then how come the guy's shirt is blowing in the wind?

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Dr. Earl Dopler: I love my country. Now give me the watch so I can go to Costa Rica.

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Trivia: When Zak takes Francesca into hypertime in her garden, she says, "Lo veo pero no lo creo". This is Spanish for "I see it, but I don't believe it".

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Question: In the scene where the hypertime QT agents are in Zak's house, one of them gets sprayed with liquid nitrogen, bringing him down to normal time. But, if he is in normal time, wouldn't Zak's mom and sister see him? Don't you think they would call the police after seeing a stranger in their house?

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Chosen answer: Probably, but it's not essential to the plot so there's no reason to show it.


Answer: These are top agent like figures who likely don't want many people knowing what's going on. Those still in hypertime probably carried the normal-time agent out of the building before Zak's mom found him.

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