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Corrected entry: When they break into the lab to save their father, the alarm goes off. Both the people in hypertime and real time can hear it at the same pitch. How can this happen if they're moving at different times?

Correction: The entire sequence is shown only in hypertime, so there's no way to know if anyone in real time can hear the alarm.

Brad Premium member

Correction: Perhaps they have two specific intercom systems in place. One plays the alarm in real time, which is the public alarm. The second alarm is played on specially-engineered speakers (much like the computers in the Hypertime Chamber) that have perhaps some expert wiring to grant Ultrasound transmission.

Corrected entry: To freeze others in time, the person with the watch must touch the people he wants to bring into hypertime. In the scene in the vent, Zach, Francesca, and Doppler freeze time with the watch to get through the fan. Doppler backs out and says he's scared to go in and starts to walk away. Zack still had time frozen when he walks away so how does Doppler expect to have a normal life if he's stuck in hypertime with no one to get him out?

Correction: Doppler had one of the NO2 guns, which he could have used to go back to normal time by simply shooting himself.


Corrected entry: At the end of the movie the laboratory gets blown up, but how could anything explode in a room saturated with nitrogen?

Correction: That wasn't liquid nitrogen that was released from the insulated tank, that was liquid hydrogen that was released from the insulated tank into the laboratory and ignited.


Corrected entry: Apparently, the "speed of gravity" seems to change to accommodate both people in "hypertime" and people in normal time throughout the movie. For example, when the bad guy gets shot by the liquid nitrogen filled paintballs, he freezes and thereby gets forced back into normal time. He starts to fall backwards in hypertime, but as he cools and re-enters normal time, he stops mid-fall in the air, as seen from a hypertime perspective. However, the characters in hypertime at the moment still experience gravity at a "normal" rate.

Correction: Gravity never changes. It just seems that way because he's going directly from hyper-time to normal time.


Corrected entry: The elevator in QT that Zach uses is all wrong. The retina scanner that he puts Ralph in front of would have taken more time, the "Welcome Ralph" would have taken more time, and the elevator trip itself would have taken hours.

Correction: As you can see from the speed of the guy Zak pulls out of the elevator, this elevator is in hypertime and is therefore moving at the correct speed. This indicates that either some of the elevators remain in hypertime or that the elevators automatically go into hypertime when unauthorized hypertime occurs.

Corrected entry: When the man and woman come to search for Zak in the hospital, Zak looks out of the window and sees them coming in their car (in normal time). Why didn't they just go straight into hypertime, instead of giving Zak the chance to escape?

Correction: Character decision. Not a movie mistake.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the hero comes home in hypertime and finds the QT agents there, he goes back outside and is pulled into the van by Doppler. Why would they put him in hypertime? He would have time to escape, since he can now move as fast as they can. The smart thing to do would be to leave him in real time, as they would be gone for a few seconds, literally.

Correction: It was a decision that they made to leave him in hypertime. Most likely it was because he hates being in hypertime since he spent so much time in it and aged incredibly.


Corrected entry: When the unauthorized hypertime response agents go to get Zak, some of them have liquid nitrogen (which brings people out of hypertime) but some of them don't. Why would the company have hypertime response agents that don't have the one thing that would bring their enemy out of hypertime? If these were simply workers not designated for hypertime response, then why aren't they required to carry nitrogen anyway just in case they *do* have to respond to an unauthorized hypertime user?

Correction: This was a decision made by the people in the movie. Might have been a bad decision, but that doesn't count as a movie mistake.


Corrected entry: When you're wearing the watch and you go into hypertime, anything or anyone touching you does too. If your feet are touching the ground, shouldn't the earth and everyone touching it go into hypertime?

Correction: What, you don't think QT would've figured this out? Clearly, they manipulated the watch so that this won't happen. Otherwise, hypertime would be useless.

Brad Premium member

Perhaps only objects below a certain mass limit can be taken into hypertime by somebody with a hypertime watch - and I'm pretty sure that the Earth would be above that mass limit.

Corrected entry: The premise of the story is that a watch speeds up the molecular structure of the wearer to the point where the rest of the world appears to be at a standstil, a state called 'hypertime'. In that state, the wearer moves through the world so fast that he appears to be invisible to other people. I would estimate that the speed at which someone would have to move to appear 'invisible' would be about the speed of a bullet. I suspect that someone moving through the air at such a speed would experience friction much like a meteor does when entering the earth's atmosphere and thus burn up, or at least they would create massive turbulence such as a supersonic jet creates.

Correction: If we can suspend disbelief to allow a watch that speeds a person's molecules up in this manner, it's not too much more of a stretch to assume that the science involved also protects that person from the friction of moving through seemingly stationary air molecules.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: The first scene has Doppler in disguise at the airport, desperately trying to hustle a flight in order to escape the bad guys. But he was in possession of a hypertime watch. Why didn't he just go into hypertime and walk right onto any plane he wished?

Correction: Without a proper ticket and the plane to the location he desired being 100% booked as the employee explained, if he just walked on the plane, the real occupants of his seat would show up, call the flight attendant and he would be kicked off the flight. He wouldn't just stay invisible by staying in hypertime as it would take WAY too long to finish the flight.

But that's assuming that he went into hypertime and then went and got into any random plane and sat in somebody else's seat. He could possibly, however, have bought a ticket for a flight, then gone into hypertime and rushed through airport security, seemingly just appearing out of thin air in his seat somewhere on the plane as soon as boarding opened? (Although the hypertime agents would probably still have had more than enough time to reach him on the plane before take-off..).

Corrected entry: The two friends go into the DJ/Hip Hop competition to help Meeker. They go into Hypertime and make Meeker dance. One rule of Hypertime is that if the wearer of the watch touches someone, they also go into Hypertime. They touched Meeker to make him dance, how come he didn't go into Hypertime as well?

Correction: The rule only applies when someone is making the transition into Hypertime. Once they are there they can't bring other people in.

Corrected entry: When Zak first finds the watch, he puts it in his left pocket. Later Franchesca asks what time it is and he pulls the watch out of his right pocket.

Correction: He had plenty of time to switch the watch to his other pocket if it got uncomfortable or he reexamined it.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, Zak enters double hypertime. The basis of the movie is that entering hypertime speeds up your particles so much that you appear invisible to the people in real time. When he is in double hypertime, he is moving much faster that the people in single hypertime, so shouldn't he appear invisible to the bad guys?

Correction: Nobody said double time had to work the same as hypertime. It's possible that when you enter double hyper time, you don't quite DOUBLE your speed, but still speed it up considerably, so Zak's molecules are moving fast enough to pass through a table, but HE only moves really fast when he wants to.

Corrected entry: When Doppler is first shown forced to be in hypertime, he has written "You're killing me" on the mirror. Henry Gates sees this and makes a comment about him being dramatic. Doppler then writes "Dirtbag" on the mirror. But if Doppler is in hypertime, he would not have been able to hear when Gates had said because to him, the sentence would have taken several hours at least.

Correction: Doppler did not necessarily "hear" Gates talking and write the comment "Dirtbag." As he was going through his hypertime routine, he would have had plenty of time to write one comment and then hours later think of another and write that just because he felt like insulting Gates while he saw him standing there.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Zak goes into double hypertime, He is not able to touch anything, including the table, walls, and Francesca. He proceeds to go through the wall with his head and hands. He gets the attention of one of the guards and then grabs his head and pulls it into the wall. In double hypertime he should not have been able to do that, as his hands would have gone right through the guard's head.

Correction: Before that, Zak managed to touch Francesca's hand.

Corrected entry: Some objects that are used in normal time appear to be used in Hypertime under the same premise. In the last 20 minutes of the movie you see everyone working in hypertime, however the computer is working, the shutters are closing, the eye scanner (seen in a previous scene to work in normal time). How is this possible?

Correction: When hypertime was activated for everyone, the whole building also went to hypertime, as can be seen from the walls being lit up with electricity.

Corrected entry: When things are hot, their molecules move faster. Since hypertime works by speeding up molecules, wouldn't the people who go in to hypertime heat up and eventually vapourise?

Correction: It is true that when things get hot, their molecules get faster. This rule does not work when applied backwards. Things that move faster do NOT necessarily get hotter. It just means that there is an increase in energy.

Corrected entry: When Zak is going to Francesca's house he is wearing silver Nike shox shoes, but on the way back in hyper time, his shoes are dark blue.

Correction: He changed clothes and shoes for the DJ spin-off.

Correction: She only has the thick accent when she is climbing the wall in her first scene. That was not her real accent. She was doing that to show Zach that she knew why he was hitting on her.

Other mistake: When the young couple goes into town everything is moving very slow, almost as if they are frozen. When they are looking at the Mustang, look in the background. The guy standing still has become a victim of wind. Notice his shirt flapping in "real time" and not "hyper time". If everything is slow then how come the guy's shirt is blowing in the wind?

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Zak Gibbs: I didn't know you knew Karate.
Franceseca: I don't. That was ballet.

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Trivia: When Zak takes Francesca into hypertime in her garden, she says, "Lo veo pero no lo creo". This is Spanish for "I see it, but I don't believe it".

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Question: In the scene where the hypertime QT agents are in Zak's house, one of them gets sprayed with liquid nitrogen, bringing him down to normal time. But, if he is in normal time, wouldn't Zak's mom and sister see him? Don't you think they would call the police after seeing a stranger in their house?

Brad Premium member

Chosen answer: Probably, but it's not essential to the plot so there's no reason to show it.


Answer: These are top agent like figures who likely don't want many people knowing what's going on. Those still in hypertime probably carried the normal-time agent out of the building before Zak's mom found him.

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