Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

Corrected entry: When Jason first wakes up in the morgue, he kills two hospital employees inside the hospital (a semi-public place) and leaves them there. Later in the movie, Rob Dyer (the hitchhiker)in trying to convince Trish Jarvis that Jason Voorhees is still alive, he says that two hospital employees disappeared. Their bodies were not discovered in the middle of a hospital? (00:14:00 - 01:02:40)

Correction: Jason could have just moved them; he has done that before.

Corrected entry: When Trish is inside the tent you see a shadow of a man outside. However it is dark outside so there could not be any shadow cast on the tent from the outside. (00:55:40)

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Correction: There's a campfire nearby. That's what casts the shadow.

Correction: It's pouring rain. There's no campfire at all. Rob has a lantern lit in his tent.


Corrected entry: When Terri goes outside to go home, as she walks towards her bike, you can see someone upstairs walking by the window. Must be a crew member because Tina and Jimbo are in bed having sex and Ted, Sarah and Doug are watching the film downstairs. Paul and Samantha are dead. There is nobody left in the house. (00:51:15)


Correction: It was her twin sister in the window. She even says "You slut!"

Corrected entry: When Tommy is looking under the hood of the broken down car, it shows someone approaching and you see that they are wearing grey trousers. The person ends up being Rob, but Rob wears black trousers. (00:30:20)

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Correction: The grey trousers belong to Jason, not Rob.


Corrected entry: When the car drives by the tombstone that says Pamela Vorhees, it says she died in 1979. But she didn't die until 1980, when the first Friday the 13th was made.

Correction: This series of films doesn't take place at the same time the movies were released, so Mrs Voorhees didn't die in the same year the first movie was made. An example of this is that Part 2 takes place in 1984 but came out in 1981.

Corrected entry: If Friday the 13th Part 4 takes place just a day after Part 2, then why would people be staying at Camp Crystal when in Part 2 Paul told the group that the camp was off limits to anyone? It even had a sign in Part 2 saying "No Trespassers" when Sandra and Jeff reached the camp.

Correction: Camp Crystal lake is not just the name of the lake but the town. The group is living in cabins in the mountain area and not on the lake itself, as you can see when they visit the lake they have to drive and then walk to get to it. They are nowhere near the campground from the original movie.


Corrected entry: On the lake Jason stabs Sam in the stomach through the bottom of the lifeboat. Then later Paul goes after her and the boat is still there fully inflated. Shouldn't it have deflated?

Correction: Many inflatable rafts doesn't carry any air in the bottom. So tearing a hole in the bottom doesn't make them deflate.

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Corrected entry: The amount of banana eaten by the hitch-hiker changes between shots, as Jason kills her. (00:19:00)

Correction: This is incorrect - in the first shot there is less than in the second shot. However in the second shot she has squeezed the banana out of the peel, so it seems like there is more.

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Corrected entry: On the box art, it shows a cut in the forehead part of Jason's hockey mask where the ax hit him in the previous film. The cut is in the right side of the mask, but at the beginning re-cap of the series, the girl puts the ax in the left side of his head.

Correction: This is a mistake on the DVD cover, not a movie mistake.

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Corrected entry: When Paul dances with Tina, she takes off his cap and puts it on, but a few shots later, Paul has it back on. (00:38:35)

Correction: There's a time gap where he had enough time to take the cap back.

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Revealing mistake: Trish jumps out the window and lands face up on the ground. You can plainly see it's Kimberly Beck's stunt double. She looks nothing like her. (01:21:35)

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Axel: I'm free, doll.
Nurse Morgan: And a bargain at twice the price.
Axel: Hey. What's the matter?
Nurse Morgan: I have a headache, Axel. For you, I always have a headache.
Axel: Oh, I can fix that. Meet me in the cold room. I'm closing up for the night. What do you say? Okay?
Nurse Morgan: Axel, I am not going to fake any more orgasms for you.

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Trivia: Peter Barton was hesitant when it came time to do his death scene, as he was previously burned by a magnesium flare doing a stunt on a previous film and required multiple surgeries afterwards. Sensing Peter's hesitation, Ted White requested that a pad be placed behind Peter's head when he was slammed into the shower wall.

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