Ali G in Da House

Factual error: At the end of the film, Ali is sent to the British Embassy in Jamaica. As Jamaica is a member of the Commonwealth, the plaque should say "British High Commission", not "British Embassy". (01:15:35)

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Factual error: When Ali goes to see the Queen for the first time the voice over says "Her Majesty the Queen," while showing the outside of Buckingham Palace which implies that the next shot is of them inside. There is one problem here, the Queen's Royal Standard is not on the top of the Palace which it should be if she is there.

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Factual error: The set of the House of Commons used has only 4 rows of seating. The actual House has 5 rows.

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Factual error: The first newscast about the African incident displays Burkina Faso as "Burkina" on the map. This shortened name is not used for this country (AFAIK).

Factual error: When Ali is chained to the fence and the journalists are eating chicken at him, they have a KFC box and mention "Chicken Dippas" but the product they are eating has never been made by KFC.

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Continuity mistake: After Ali has thrown his chain at the PM and is heading back to Ricky and Dave, he bends to pick it up. In the next shot of the PM, you can still see the chain.

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Delegate from Chad: Gentlemen, I want you all to know that the minister was very hard, but also very straight.

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Trivia: As Ali is walking with the PM at the summit, the PM is introducing him to many other people and other delegates. One of the people he meets is Borat from Kazakhstan. This is one of the roles Sacha Baron Cohen plays on Da Ali G Show.

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