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Corrected entry: In the scene where Ali G is street racing the East Staines massive, both cars slow down to 20 miles per hour. There is a shot of the front of both cars, the cars appear to be moving but the wheels on Ali's car are not turning. (00:08:36)

Correction: Actually this is wrong, I've just checked and they are moving.

Corrected entry: In the opening scene where Ali saves the prostitutes from the pimp, the scene closes with them "thanking" Ali. The sound of a zipper is distinctly heard. But in the previous scenes Ali is wearing sweat pants that don't have a zipper.

Correction: This is Ali's dream and he's too busy dreaming about the two prostitutes so Ali, being easily distracted by this, doesn't think straight and adds a zipper to his dream.

Corrected entry: When the Staines ganxtaz meet up before the video tape mission, the main characters wear normal camouflage. In all next scenes (at the mansion where they go directly) they wear coloured camouflage.

Correction: After Ali gives his speech the shot goes directly to all the cars driving along and the next time we see them they arrive at the mansion so they could have changed before they left. Between the time we see Ali giving his speech and all the cars we don't know how much time there was, so it's impossible to say they couldn't have changed clothes.

Lummie Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Ali G comes to save the chicks from the pimp he is firing a M16A2 at the bad guys on full auto. The M16A2 can only fire in semi-auto and 3 round-burst not in full-auto.

Correction: It's Ali's dream, it doesn't have to be accurate.

Corrected entry: When Ali G and his 2 friends Ricky and Dave are breaking in the MP's office trying to steal the videotape, they enter the laser-room. The lasers are extremely visible, so Dave doesn't need to blow smoke into the room. (01:05:10)

Geert Kusters

Correction: They are not visible until he blows smoke, which throughout the time you see the smoke.

Corrected entry: When Ali is in parliament, the politicians have an argument, and they start to wave paper sheets. In the next shot there are far fewer people waving.

Correction: They are waving less papers because they are watching him walking down to silence the guy talking.

Corrected entry: During the mansion raid David gives a "shoot on sight" order. Seconds later, the guards locate our heroes but act differently, generously allowing the plot to continue.

Correction: An MP, even a cabinet member, cannot legitimately order armed police guards to shoot two intruders. When Ali's friends are discovered they are seen in a lit room and are obviously unarmed. As such, they would not be shot out of hand.

Corrected entry: When the PM and his mate go upstairs to talk, Ali and Julie have sex. Everyone downstairs thinks it was the PM and his mate having sex because of the noise above. But how come the PM and his mate didn't hear it? Ali and Julie were very loud, and I don't suspect the PM and his mate had ear plugs in or went miles out of hearing range.

Correction: The only reason they could hear it downstairs is because they were directly below it. As the PM wasn't, it's possible he didn't.

David Mercier

Corrected entry: Ali G cannot become the MP for Staines as there is no MP for Staines. Staines is covered by the MP for Spelthorne.

Correction: I think that is the joke. The movie makers would not want to use a real constituency.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Ali G is racing the East Staines Massive, you see him race along a small dual carriageway. In a further shot where you see the cars racing again, you see them racing along the same road, but in the opposite direction, all within the space of a few seconds. And I can tell you there's no U-turn in that area.

Correction: There is a U-turn. I live near there.

Continuity mistake: After Ali has thrown his chain at the PM and is heading back to Ricky and Dave, he bends to pick it up. In the next shot of the PM, you can still see the chain.

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Ali G: Sorry I iz late, bu dere was a documentry on about monkeys.

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Trivia: As Ali is walking with the PM at the summit, the PM is introducing him to many other people and other delegates. One of the people he meets is Borat from Kazakhstan. This is one of the roles Sacha Baron Cohen plays on Da Ali G Show.

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Question: What are the name and artist of the song that is playing after Ali is driving to Staines, near the beginning of the film? The lyrics are repeatedly "wicked" or "wickit" or something like that.

Answer: It's called Incredible, by M-Beat featuring General Levy.

Daniel Wilkie

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