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Visible crew/equipment: When the camera passes Elizabeth in the phonebox saying "Yes, that what he said...", the reflection of a crewmembers face is perfectly reflected. Then (in the same shot), as the camera pulls back and goes past the phonebox again, his face is once again reflected. (00:05:05)

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Visible crew/equipment: When the nurse pushes Elizabeth into her bedroom and says 'Good night, flake' Elizabeth is standing near a picture hanging on the wall. The reflection of a cameramans arm holding a boom mic is clearly visible in it. (01:07:10)

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Visible crew/equipment: This is the bit when Elizabeth's mother is taping up the Drop Dead Fred Box. Then when Elizabeth gets up from the stairs, walking past the round, marble table, notice the tape marker on the floor. Video Only.

Visible crew/equipment: When Charles is taking the woman for a test drive in the car, Elizabeth pulls up next to them, and the boom mic is reflected in her door before it moves out of shot, though the boom pole is visible throughout the scene. (Only noticeable on DVD).

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Fred: I am a loner, a crazy wide eyed loner on a doomed mission to Venus to battle with the 3 headed mega beast but on the way I caught cornflakes disease.

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Question: On what grounds could the judge fire Lizzie? She didn't do anything wrong and when she got to the courtroom, she explained why she was late.

Answer: Being late and unreliable is what she did wrong. It's possible it was a pattern and she was warned about her tardiness before and not just a one time thing. Even though we can only speculate this, since that is all we see, it makes sense and adds to showing her life spiraling downwards.


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