Another 48 Hrs.

Another 48 Hrs. (1990)

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Corrected entry: When Jack shoots Gans, he goes through the window and falls several stories into a truck of water bottles. when he shoots the Iceman, he goes through the window and directly into the street,although they stay on the same floor.

Correction: First of all, it wasn't Gans that Reggie shoots out the window onto the bottle water truck, but his biker buddy. And Reggie didn't shoot him, but punched him and he went flying through the window. Second, it was Jack, not Reggie who shoots the Iceman and he falls through a piece of glass inside the nightclub, not a window to the outside, as afterwards you can see him laying on the floor, not the street.

Corrected entry: In the scene after the boarding room shootout, Angel was in the back of a police car. Murphy and Nolte entered the car to question the woman, then exited the vehicle without assistance. Police cars' back doors do not open from the inside - the linkage rods are removed prior to service.

Correction: This is not always true. When I was a police officer some of the cars had a switch on the drivers door that would allow the back doors to be opened from the inside.

Mister Ed

Corrected entry: When Reggie is leaving the prison he gets his personal belongings and is then seen on the bus listening to the James Brown tape he was complaining about when he was leaving the prison. Where did the walkman come from that he used to listen to the tape? It wasn't part of his personal belongings.


Correction: Reggie already had the walkman when he was in solitary confinement the night before he was released. He listened to "Roxanne" by the Police with it.

Rex Stanfield

Continuity mistake: At the end, when Jack shoots the main bad guy, he had already double-tapped somebody, but then shoots at least 5 more shots from a 6-shot revolver.

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Reggie Hammond: Let me tell you something, Jack. If shit was worth something, poor people would be born with no asshole.

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