Jewel of the Nile

Continuity mistake: From a distance, the train to Gadir is seen already in the train station. From a close-up, it's starting to arrive.

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Continuity mistake: Jack falls facewards on a crate of oranges, but a frame later he's sitting on the floor with his back against some boxes. (01:05:00)

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Continuity mistake: Jack wipes out while water skiing and surfaces with his fringe covering his forehead. A frame later the hair is brushed back.

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Continuity mistake: After Ralph crashes against the train tunnel, 1) his position changes from shot to shot, 2) the people arriving are close to him but in the next angle are far away, and 3) the camel is facing the people, but when it cuts to Ralph, the camel is facing him instead.

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Continuity mistake: At the party, Joan's editor asks for a whisky and right then the blonde next to Joanne and her partner with a grey suit swap positions. Also, his suit turns dark blue.

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Continuity mistake: At the party, a woman with a striped blouse flatters Joan while a woman lifts up a book. A frame later, after a brusque cut, the woman and book are gone and a lady with a white hat appears.

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Continuity mistake: Jack falls while water skiing and the position of the wave surrounding him has no continuity between the front and back angle.

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Factual error: The tiny missiles on the F16 are shown as being attached to some sort of flexible metal framework which bends and shifts as the plane moves along the ground. The F16 is a supersonic fighter - any such thing would be ripped clean off the wing at speed. The missiles carried by the F16 are attached to streamlined 'hard points' under the wing, or the wingtips themselves.

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Joan Wilder: My heart just isn't in it. I mean, romance just doesn't seem real to me anymore.
Gloria: Real? You don't write real - you write about people that sail off into the god damn sunset.
Joan Wilder: Well, what about the next day, when the sun comes up?
Gloria: There is no next day! That's why it's a romance. You've got to stop confusing real life with a romantic novel.

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Chosen answer: Most likely a coincidence. It's a common Middle Eastern name.

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