Hellbound: Hellraiser II

Character mistake: Kirsty tells Detective Ronson to destroy the mattress because Julia died on it and could come back. In the first Hellraiser, Julia died on the stairway after being stabbed to death by Frank. (01:16:12 - 01:16:41)

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Suggested correction: She ended up on the mattress. When Kristy grabbed the box and Pinhead says his famous line "we have such sights to show you".

Plot hole: When the policeman asks Kirsty at the beginning who came when she solved the box she says the Cenobites; she had no way of knowing what they were called. Frank only told Julia; Kirsty didn't hear it anywhere and the Cenobites themselves didn't tell her either.

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Pinhead: It is not hands that summon us. It is desire.

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Trivia: Dr. Channard's name in the script was Dr. Malahide. "Channard" is derived from Christiaan Bernard, who performed the world's first successful heart transplant.

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Question: Pinhead and the other Cenobites have no memory of their human lives. When Channard is being turned into a Cenobite, how come he still retains his memories?

Answer: In general, the Channard cenobite seems different from the others. Ex. He seems directly linked to Leviathan through the (rather phallic) stalk/tube. It's entirely possible that his transformation was different all around, and keeping his memory was part of his individual process. Also, there's nothing that necessarily indicates the other cenobites immediately forgot their past lives. It's entirely possible they forgot them over time as they became more acquainted with hell and their new "lives" as "explorers" in the realm of pleasure and pain.


Answer: Probably because he's fresher than the others.


When Elliot Spencer is being transformed into Pinhead, all memories of his human life are immediately erased. The same thing happens with the other Cenobites.

It never shows how long it took them to lose their former memories. Just that it did.


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