Hellbound: Hellraiser II

Corrected entry: When Dr. Channard is looking through the sliding panels at the really crazy patients in the padded rooms, there is a man with a tattooed head wielding a crucifix. The fact that he is in a padded room means that he is a danger to himself and would not be allowed a metal tool that he could hurt himself with. Also, the door on the inside isn't padded like the walls which it should have been.

Correction: Dr. Channard doesn't really care about his patients. He is more concerned with bringing back Julia. He probably allowed the guy to have a crucifix so that in the event that he does indeed hurt himself, Channard can feed him to Julia like he does to the bug guy later in the scene.

Corrected entry: Despite being set in Britain, the detective that visits Kirsty is from the local homicide division. UK police forces don't have homicide divisions.

Correction: Clive Barker has stated that the first film takes place in the U.S., not in Britain (the original film was slightly re-dubbed to sound more "American"), and this film takes place shortly after, in the same general location. Hence, this is not a mistake- they are not in Britain.


Corrected entry: The two uniformed officers are dressed like US street police and carry guns. UK police are generally unarmed.

Correction: It has been stated by Cliver Barker that the films take place in the U.S., not the UK.


Corrected entry: Time is the 4th dimension, not death as stated.

Correction: In the mythology that underlies the Hellraiser films, death is the fourth dimension; as a fantasy, it's allowed to make up its own rules. Anyway, time is only considered as the fourth dimension in certain situations, most notably when dealing with the non-Euclidean space-time constructs described in Einstein's relativity theories. Many multi-dimensional constructs deal instead with a theoretical fourth spatial dimension (time, obviously, would be temporal, not spatial), which would readily tie into the statement made in the film.

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Corrected entry: It was mentioned that the Dark God Leviathan suppressed the memories of the Cenobites in order for them to have no memory of their mortal lives. Pinhead did not recognize his own picture at first as well. However, after the Engineers got finished with Channard, he still remembers he is/was a doctor.

Correction: As is the case with the cenobites in Hellraiser 3, Dr. Channard hasn't had time to forget who he was like Pinhead and his fellows have.

Corrected entry: Time is the 4th dimension.

Correction: This is an unacceptable entry, way too little information posted.


Corrected entry: In the first film, Frank had to steal himself a skin. Julia apparently regenerated a skin after killing some people because her bandages don't come off but a skin appears underneath them.

Correction: Frank didn't have time to generate skin of his own; he stole his brothers' so he could move about, if he'd had as many victims as Julia it would be likely he'd be more complete.

Corrected entry: The morning after Channard resurrects Julia, we see her standing at a mirror, and the whole of the floor beneath her is carpeted; yet when Channard walks across it, his shoes still sound as if he were stepping on hard flooring. (00:30:55)

Correction: If you look closely, you can see in several shots that the entire floor is actually laminated; the slits between boards are just very, very faint. You can see it especially when Julia has just been bandaged and she walks over to her bloody handprint. There's no carpeting but it's an easy mistake to make as the laminate is pale.

Revealing mistake: Any time when the two girls are in hell's corridors and running around, you see these corridors as stone walls, yet whenever they back up against one of these walls, you can clearly see they are merely rubber sheeting overlayed on a framework as the rubber sheeting bends and contracts very clearly.

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Channard Cenobite: And to think... I hesitated.

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Trivia: The horn sound that is continually made by Leviathan is Morse code for "God".

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