Killer Klowns From Outer Space

Paul, Richie, Mike, Debby and Dave enter the Clowns tent. After being chased for several minutes, Paul and rich smash through one of the walls with their truck. A giant "boss" clown comes down from the ceiling and smashes the truck blowning it up. The cop decides to create a diversion so that deb and mike can escape through the smashed wall. the giant clown lifts up the cop and the cop pops his nose with his badge exploding the clown and tent which is really an alien ship taking off. The back-up cops come just in time to see this. Dave,Paul, and Richie all manage to survive the blast by hiding in the back of the clowns car. Just when they think its all over, they have pies dropped on their faces...

Doug L.

Plot hole: When Debbie and Mike are in the pink cocoon room of the circus tent Mike yells, 'Joe Lombardo.' However, Joe Lombardo doesn't die until at least 4 scenes later in the movie, when a Killer Klown edges him off the road and over a cliff.

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Farmer Gene Green: Where's my dog! Where's my Pooh Bear.

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Question: Who played the teenager that got killed at the gazebo? It looks like Michael J. Fox but, when I checked IMDB, there's no name listed for who played him.

Answer: The actor is Randy Doke. He's uncredited for the role, but IMDB lists him as "Puppet Show Dude."


Answer: I checked the Internet and read up on the Killer Klowns production and there is no mention of Michael J. Fox being in the movie. I do not know who the actor in the scene is, and while it's possible that it was Fox, it does not really resemble him, in my opinion.

raywest Premium member

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